Waspada, Ini 6 Dampak Buruk Mengonsumsi Makanan Bersantan

Eid al-Fitr has passed. As you know, coconut milk food dominates the food menu at that moment.

If you feel that you have eaten a lot of coconut milk on the holiday yesterday, and plan to eat it in the days ahead, it’s a good idea to think again.

Why do you need to rethink? This is because there are health effects received by the body when consuming too much coconut milk. What are the impacts? Check out the following review.

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1. Hypertension

(photo: unsplash/jair)

One of the causes of high blood pressure is clogged arteries, due to excess fat. Fat is actually an energy reserve for the body. If not used it will accumulate and clog arteries.

The more blood the heart pumps and the narrower it is arteriesthe higher the blood pressure. The most common symptom is headache.

It’s a good idea to check your blood pressure from now on to make sure you stay in good health. Do not forget to exercise to burn the existing fat.

2. Weight gain

Alert!  This is the impact of consuming coconut milk

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Oh yes, how can coconut milk increase weight? Did you know, one cup of coconut milk contains 550 calories. This means that a third of the calories needed by humans in a day are in coconut milk.

So, one cup of coconut milk, is enough to gain weight at a certain level. Moreover, if eaten together with the carbohydrates in rice, it will be a combination that is quite deadly to gain weight.

Weigh your weight in the near future to be an “alarm” before deciding to eat coconut milk.

3. Causes stomach problems

Alert!  This is the impact of consuming coconut milk

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Constipation is one of the problems caused by coconut milk. This is because coconut milk does not have enough fiber. This causes the body to have difficulty removing metabolic waste.

For ulcer sufferers, consuming too much coconut milk can trigger excessive stomach acid production. It can be seen if the stomach feels bloated after eating this type of food.

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4. Allergies

Be alert!  This is the impact of consuming coconut milk

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If you have an allergy to nuts, you should be careful consuming coconut milk. Coconut is classified as a type of tree nut.

Several cases were found that people who consume coconut milk, their bodies will react. And if your body’s immunity is not strong, this reaction will trigger an allergy.

The reaction is indicated by irritation and redness of the skin. Of course this will be quite difficult for your health and make your days uncomfortable.

5. High cholesterol levels

Alert!  This is the impact of consuming coconut milk

(photo: unsplash/hush)

Saturated fat in coconut milk can increase cholesterol levels in the blood. As a result, disease arises cardiovascular. System cardiovascular It has the function of circulating blood throughout the body.

When there are disturbances or blockages in both parts caused by coconut milk, the blood circulation in the body can be disrupted.

Some diseases cardiovascular some of them are Arrhythmia (abnormal heartbeat), coronary heart disease, Cardiomyopathy (disorders of the heart muscle), and blow.

6. Increases sugar levels

Alert!  This is the impact of consuming coconut milk

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The reason why people who are on a diet program avoid coconut milk is to avoid rising sugar levels.

One ounce of unsweetened coconut milk contains 2.1 grams of sugar and that can be higher when mixed with sweeteners, and the increase can reach 10.4 grams.

This is only the coconut milk, not to mention the intake of rice, cakes, and sweet drinks. You can predict how high your sugar level will be.

It’s a good idea to start getting used to remembering what foods you have consumed in the morning and afternoon.

Well, if in the morning and afternoon you have consumed a lot of sugar, then for dinner you can consider choosing foods that are very low in sugar content.

You can watch out for the six dangers of coconut milk above. To reduce its impact, you can add regular exercise to your daily activities, consume lots of fiber, and try to quit smoking. Let’s start getting used to a healthy life from now on.