Wajib Coba, 4 Cara Ampuh Mengatasi Stres Akibat Di PHK

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has indeed greatly changed the economic situation, not only in Indonesia but also in the world.

The weakening economy resulted in many companies going out of business and forced to lay off their employees.

Apart from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, sometimes layoffs are also caused by various other things without the knowledge of employees.

Of course it’s not an easy thing to go through, especially when you first find out that you’ve been laid off, it will definitely hurt and it’s hard to accept the reality.

There are even some people who are sad for days and stressed! There are some powerful tips that you can try to deal with this stress girlfriend.

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1. Release your emotions the right way

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As previously explained, when you find out you have been laid off, it will be very difficult to accept the reality and will eventually cause a sense of excessive emotion.

If venting your emotions will help you calm down and make your heart feel relieved, don’t hesitate to vent.

But keep in mind, vent these emotions in the right way. Some of the recommended ways are giving yourself time, making new life plans, crying, venting to people you trust and looking for new activities.

2. Remember there will be a new job that will move you forward

Powerful Tips for Overcoming Stress Due to Layoffs, Must Try!

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Companies certainly want to hire someone with strong emotional intelligence, for example, has high self-awareness.

Having experience due to being laid off will definitely make you more prepared for the various challenges that will come in the future.

Indirectly, you will develop into someone who is stronger than before.

After being laid off, use the remaining time to think about what jobs you didn’t like at the old place, the office atmosphere or there were some rules that you didn’t like.

After thinking so, you can start applying for new jobs and try to make the work atmosphere as comfortable as possible so that you can get better and progress.

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3. Make sure you are laid off not because you were cheated

Powerful Tips for Overcoming Stress Due to Layoffs, Must Try!

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If you feel confident that the work you have done so far is up to standard and has not made any fatal mistakes, try to determine what actually caused you to be laid off.

And if the facts reveal that you were cheated so that you are laid off, you can consult a lawyer.

But if you are laid off because the company’s finances are declining and the only way is to reduce the number of existing employees, you have to convince yourself that this is the best decision for the company and you.

4. Remember, the power you have is very big

Powerful Tips for Overcoming Stress Due to Layoffs, Must Try!

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When you are laid off, your mind will become stressed, your thoughts will tend to be more negative and you will even see yourself as a loser who has no self-respect.

Stop that thought right now! Thinking like that will only make you more depressed and difficult to get up.

Though there are various strengths that you have. You can treat the pain, start everything from scratch, you can become a better person and you can do various positive things right now!

Even though you’re laid off and quit your job, that doesn’t mean your life has stopped, right? The tips above will really help you in dealing with the stress of being laid off.

You need to remember that the only one who can help you is yourself. So if you keep crying over the situation, when will your life progress?