9 Tips Aman Bleaching Rambut di Rumah

Hair Bleaching Tips Hair is one part of the body that should not be missed to be treated so that it always looks beautiful.

In addition to being cared for to stay healthy, hair also needs to be styled so that it looks more perfect.

There are many hairstyles that are often tried, especially for women. Ranging from hairstyles, hair dye colors, to hair types such as curly or straight. One of the hairstyles that is quite popular is coloring or hair coloring.

Coloring hair is believed to be enough to help improve the appearance to make it look more attractive. There are many colors to try, ranging from ge, soft, to light colors.

However, not all hair types can be colored easily. There are several types of hair that are difficult to color, as a result the color that is applied to the hair does not come out.

Usually, this problem occurs due to hair that has been dyed black before. Thus, other bright colors can not be applied again.

Therefore, for successful hair coloring, an initial stage called bleaching must be carried out.

Hair bleaching is the process of removing the original hair color to make the new hair color more visible and last longer. Thus, the light hair color that will be applied to the hair will be successful.

This procedure uses a chemical solution containing hydrogen peroxide and an oxidant. When the bleaching process begins, alkaline substances will open the hair cuticle, causing an oxidative reaction in the hair cortex and dissolving the natural color of the hair.

For this reason, the bleaching process is usually carried out in a beauty salon, because there are steps that must be taken beforehand so that the hair is not damaged.

However, if you want to do the bleaching process yourself at home, you should first pay attention to the following tips.

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1. Ready with all risks

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The first tip that you have to do is to establish your intention before bleaching and be ready with all the risks that will arise later.

Given the risk posed when bleaching hair is to make hair damaged, then before doing it you must be prepared with these risks.

Thus, indirectly you will always maintain and care for your hair after the bleaching process so that the risk of damaged hair does not occur.

2. Make sure your hair is in a healthy condition

9 Safe Tips for Bleaching Hair at Home!

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After you are ready with all the risks that will arise after doing the bleaching process, the next step you have to do is make sure first the condition of your hair, is it healthy or not?

Said to be in a healthy condition here means that the hair is not in a dry condition after coloring, curling, or smoothing. Because, if your hair is in such a condition, it will be permanently damaged.

If your hair is in an unhealthy condition, don’t force it to do the bleaching process so that the results don’t disappoint.

3. Avoid washing hair before bleaching

9 Safe Tips for Bleaching Hair at Home!

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Washing your hair regularly is necessary to keep your hair clean and healthy. However, there are times when washing hair needs to be avoided, especially when going to the bleaching process.

This is because the bleaching process will be easy to do if your hair is oily. So don’t worry the bleaching process will fail even if your hair is dirty.

Therefore, before doing so, try not to wash your hair for one to two days for maximum results.

4. Use conditioner 2 hours before bleaching

9 Safe Tips for Bleaching Hair at Home!

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As previously explained, the bleaching process will be maximized if the hair is oily or not dry. Therefore, avoid washing your hair one to two days before the process is carried out.

However, if you have already washed your hair, don’t worry. You only need to use conditioner 2 hours before the bleaching process.

The goal is to keep your hair moisturized when exposed to bleaching drugs that strip your hair of its natural moisture.

Apply conditioner evenly on the hair, and you must leave it for 2 hours, before rinsing.

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5. Prepare equipment

9 Safe Tips for Bleaching Hair at Home!

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Before doing the bleaching process, don’t forget to prepare all the equipment needed, so you don’t miss anything so that the hair bleaching process runs smoothly.

Prepare a set of bleaching drugs in advance. Make sure you buy a good bleaching drug that has been clinically tested so that the hair results after the bleaching process is successful.

Other equipment you need are hair clips, hair combs, combs, and aluminum foil if you want to separate your hair.

6. Mix up the bleaching medicine properly

9 Safe Tips for Bleaching Hair at Home!

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After the bleaching equipment is ready, it’s time to mix or mix bleaching drugs. Mix the bleaching powder and developer cream until evenly distributed.

Make sure to mix the bleaching drug properly. You can read the instructions and how to use it on the product packaging which is usually listed on the back of the package or in the form of a paper guide placed inside the package.

Read carefully and the dose must be appropriate. If not, then the hair bleaching process will fail and the results will not be good.

7. Apply to hair


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After dispensing the bleaching drug, the next step is to apply it to the hair. The trick, if you want to create a highlight effect on your hair, you need to use aluminum foil to wrap your hair.

However, if you want to get the color off all of your hair, then there’s no need to use aluminum foil. It is enough to apply bleach from the ends of the hair to the roots of the hair. This is because the roots of the hair are generally lighter than the ends of the hair.

Make sure the hair bleaching drug does not hit the scalp, because there will be a risk of irritation to the scalp if exposed to the bleaching drug.

Don’t forget to use gloves too. So that your hands are free from harmful substances contained in bleaching drugs.

8. Wait until it absorbs

Wait until it absorbs

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At this stage, you will definitely be anxiously waiting for the results of the bleaching process that you have done. Are the results in accordance with the desired, or just the opposite?

After you have finished applying the bleach to your hair, let it soak in. Wait between 15 to 45 minutes for it to completely absorb.

Keep in mind, while waiting for the bleach to seep into your hair, make sure you don’t fall asleep, OK? Because, if the bleaching drug is left on for too long, then the hair will experience severe fractures.

9. Washing hair


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After the bleaching drug is absorbed, the last step is washing the hair. Wash hair until clean. Make sure there is no residual bleaching drug attached.

Then, apply conditioner to all parts of your hair so that your hair is nourished again. Thus, your hair will stay healthy and not dry and damaged.

The final word

Well, those are the tips that you must do when doing the hair bleaching process at home.

Bleaching is needed before doing hair coloring, so that the resulting hair color is better and maximum.

However, this will also have a bad effect on hair health if not done properly.

Therefore, pay close attention to the important steps and bleaching tips to avoid damaging your hair.

Don’t forget to always take care of your hair to keep it healthy and avoid damage.