Tetap Terjaga, 10 Cara Meningkatkan Kesehatan Mental

The type of personal health that needs to be maintained is physical and mental health.

To maintain physical health, you can do regular exercise or eat nutritious and clean foods. Then what about mental health, does it need to be taken care of too?

The answer is yes, mental health also needs to be taken care of. Because this also affects physical health. If your mental health drops, your physical visa will also decrease, you know.

Therefore mental health also needs to be considered so that mental illness does not arise.

As with physical health, mental health can also be maintained. To keep it, can do some of these activities so that the soul remains healthy.

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1. Always being grateful is the key, to get used to it, try writing 3 things you are grateful for every day

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2. Having a vacation plan is also a way to wait for happiness, you can go camping or just take a walk

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3. Happiness can be shown by sharing love with the closest people, do it before it’s too late

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4. Reduce anxiety in your heart and mind by laughing, hanging out with friends or watching comedy films

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5. Not only makes the body healthy, soaking in warm water can also relieve stress, you know

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6. Reduce stress levels by dancing or singing, this way can also increase endorphins too

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7. Reduce depression symptoms by writing down all the annoying things on a paper, can make you feel more relieved

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8. In addition to dancing, exercise can also be healthy physically and mentally. Try to enjoy your favorite simple sport

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9. Holding on to pain can hurt yourself, to ease it try to forgive whatever happened today

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10. Who would have thought that just 30 minutes of walking in nature could reduce stress, you know, try it sometime

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Not only physical health, mental health also needs to be considered. If there is something wrong with your mental health, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor.