Terkena Baby Blues Syndrome? Atasi dengan 7 Cara Ini

For a mother who has just given birth to her first child, it is usually affected baby blues syndrome or syndrome baby blues.

What does syndrome actually mean? baby blues this? If a mother feels her heart is disturbed or uncomfortable after giving birth, gets tired easily, is sad, cries and is also angry for no reason then that is what is called a syndrome. blues baby.

This syndrome does not last long (usually the mother experiences it for 2 weeks after giving birth), but unfortunately if this syndrome is not treated properly it can be fatal.

There are cases where it is stated that baby blues resulting in a mother injuring herself, her husband and her newborn baby.

So therefore baby blues must be handled immediately. There are several ways to deal with it, some of which are quoted from Parent.

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1. Consultation with a psychologist

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If you think baby blues it’s difficult to handle on your own and you don’t know how to deal with it anymore, try consulting a psychologist.

Psychologists really help you in overcoming baby blues if you can’t handle it yourself.

In addition, by consulting a psychologist, you will have a “confide friend” and can share the problems you are currently facing.

2. Remember that you are not alone

Got Baby Blues Syndrome?  These Ways Can Help Overcome It

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Millions and even all women in this world also experience baby blues syndrome how come. So just like you, and you should know that you are not alone.

In fact there are many women out there who experience baby blues more severe than you and they can get through the syndrome well.

3. Get enough sleep

Got Baby Blues Syndrome?  These Ways Can Help Overcome It

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Indeed, it will be difficult to get enough sleep after giving birth, because the baby can wake up at any time and even at night.

But don’t let it burden you. You can get enough sleep by taking advantage of the time when your little one sleeps.

Usually babies will sleep long enough and cry only a few times, so you can use them to sleep.

In addition, if you are still not getting enough sleep, try to ask your partner for help to just change a diaper or soothe a crying baby.

4. Make social connections

Got Baby Blues Syndrome?  These Ways Can Help Overcome It

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You are very lucky you know that you are in this day and age because technology has become more sophisticated so that it makes all your work easier and makes social connections.

Join several communities that can support you in dealing with various problems such as baby blues syndrome.

You can also share with women who have experienced the same thing or have experienced it before.

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5. Regular exercise and consumption of quality food

Got Baby Blues Syndrome?  These Ways Can Help Overcome It

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Exercise not only makes your body healthier but can also improve sleep quality and make you mentally healthier.

Of course, you will be able to feel more benefits if exercise is accompanied by eating a variety of quality and healthy foods.

Avoid junk food, excess sugar and packaged snacks because they can make quick emotional changes getting worse. This has also been proven through several studies that have been carried out.

At first baby blues This is indeed very disturbing, yes, but almost all women also feel it and rest assured that you can get through it very well.

And you must also remember that besides being baby blues syndromethere is a little angel that God has entrusted to you, so it must be taken care of very well. Hopefully some of the ways above can help you, good luck!