10 Rekomendasi Makanan yang Cocok untuk Penderita Maag

Gastritis is generally experienced by teenagers to adults. Therefore, it is important for ulcer sufferers to maintain and regulate meal times.

In addition, ulcer sufferers also need to pay attention to the food menu. The goal is that the ulcer does not recur, so you are free to move.

Unfortunately, we often take this disease for granted. In fact, we need to keep the food so as not to trigger an acute ulcer.

So that ulcer disease does not become a disaster, here are 10 mainstay food menus that should be consumed.

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1. Oatmeal

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Do you know? Oatmeal is suitable as a breakfast menu. Eating a bowl of oatmeal helps you to reduce indigestion. In addition, this type of fiber is rich in fiber, so it is good for digestion.

Interestingly, oatmeal is able to protect the stomach lining from the risk of irritation, you know! Oatmeal fiber is also able to launch intestinal performance, reduce the risk of constipation and even provide a longer feeling of fullness.

2. Fruits

Check out the recommended foods that are suitable for ulcer sufferers

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Indeed, not all types of fruit can be consumed by ulcer sufferers. Some recommended fruits such as apples, bananas, watermelons, melons or pears.

The reason is, the types of fruits above can prevent stomach irritation. Not only that, fruit that contains a lot of water tends to nourish the stomach. Thus, the production of stomach acid can be reduced.

3. Vegetables

Check out the recommended foods that are suitable for ulcer sufferers

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It is common knowledge that vegetables are rich in nutrients. Those of you who suffer from ulcers, consume mustard greens, spinach or kale.

This is because vegetables are low in sugar. Therefore, this step is effective in reducing the increase in stomach acid.

The good news is that eating vegetables on a regular basis can speed up gastric emptying.

4. Meat

Check out the recommended foods that are suitable for ulcer sufferers

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Although it is permissible to eat meat, keep in mind that you should only eat lean meat. It is also recommended to bake, steam or boil it.

Keep in mind, you should avoid eating fried meat. Yup! Excess oil will trigger ulcer symptoms to recur.

5. Ginger

Check out the recommended foods that are suitable for ulcer sufferers

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It is undeniable, ginger is a herbal plant that is easy to find. One of the benefits of ginger is that it can overcome the symptoms of heartburn, as well as relieve stomach irritation.

When consuming it, make ginger as a warm tea. For maximum, consume once a day.

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6. Spin

Check out the recommended foods that are suitable for ulcer sufferers

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The type of bread that is recommended for ulcer sufferers is bread that contains whole grains. Because, this type of bread is rich in vitamins, fiber and nutrients that are good for stomach health.

If you don’t have time for breakfast, there’s nothing wrong with eating this one food. It’s just that, the amount needs to be limited so that the stomach is not difficult to digest.

7. Biscuits

Check out the recommended foods that are suitable for ulcer sufferers

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Every few hours, people with ulcers must eat food so that the stomach is not empty. The goal is to keep stomach acid stable.

Well, biscuits are a smart solution to be a snack. The content of biscuits can “snap” the stomach so you don’t feel hungry. It’s a good idea to provide biscuits in each of your activities, yes!

8. Milk


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In fact, milk can neutralize stomach acid. In addition to having many benefits, the fat in milk is relatively low. Thus, it is suitable for continuous consumption.

You can also be creative in serving it, you know! If it seems monotonous, you can mix milk in smoothies. In addition to being healthy, this method actually provides a refreshing effect for the body.

9 Aloe vera

Aloe vera

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In addition to nourishing hair, aloe vera is also able to soothe the digestive tract. In fact, consuming aloe vera juice can prevent stomach acid from rising. friends!

The unique fact is that this plant is believed to be able to reduce stomach inflammation. Who would have thought, aloe vera contains anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant substances. Therefore, you do not need to worry about consuming it.

10. Yogurt


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Many people with ulcers avoid yogurt for fear of rising stomach acid. Understandably, the sour taste of yogurt often causes worry for fear of making things worse.

In fact, fermented drinks have a good effect for ulcer sufferers. The content of lactic acid bacteria actually soothes the stomach, thus providing a comfortable effect for the sufferer.

But keep in mind, when eating yogurt you have to adjust to your needs. Because, excessive consumption of course triggers an increase in stomach acid.

The recurrence of ulcer symptoms certainly makes you uncomfortable. Therefore, it is important for us to maintain and pay attention to diet. Do not let the body torment because of acute ulcer symptoms, yes!