Shopaholic Syndrome, Ketika Hobi Belanja Jadi Kecanduan

Having a hobby is certainly a good thing, but when a hobby turns into an addiction, be careful with the risks that can occur.

Maybe this is what needs to be considered for those who have a tendency to shop impulsively and even uncontrollably.

shopaholic syndrome or oniomania is a term used to describe someone who has an addiction to shopping.

Not just a consumption activity, but this addiction can be categorized as a mental disorder, classified as obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Try to re-observe your shopping behavior. Are you shopping because there is a need, or is it shopping spontaneously, continuously, even tend to be extravagant.

Especially when there sale, purchased items that are not needed.

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shopaholic syndrome associated with low self-esteem (inferiority)

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Humble and humble have different definitions. Low self-esteem tends to lead to a feeling that he is not worthy. Low self-esteem is what often happens to people with shopaholic syndrome.

Love shopping may not be aware of this trait present in him. But, they actually feel more valuable and have strength when able to buy certain goods that can make picture ideal self.

When shopping habits to complete themselves, unconsciously it shows signs inferiority.

The good news is, if he has realized and acknowledged this, with deep self-knowledge therapy, it will be easier for him to treat inferiority and discover your own qualities and meaning.

Poor impulse control and affect financial condition

Shopaholic Syndrome, When Shopping Becomes Addiction

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For love shopping feeling an unusually strong and irresistible impulse or urge to buy something. Impulse can mean impulse. This can affect the financial condition.

Not a little love shopping have poor financial management, although this is not all. They tend to shop without looking at priorities.

Whether you need it or not, as long as there is sale or other tempting offers will definitely be very easy to process shopping payments.

It could be that irresistible urges are felt because of a desire to improve social status or recognition from others, or even to ‘buy’ other people’s affection.

Controlling impulses can be attempted by looking for the main cause of the impulse.

In addition, striving to understand financial literacy better can be a way to foster stronger self-awareness and control.

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Every time you feel less enthusiastic, alwaysshopping as a fugitive

Shopaholic Syndrome, When Shopping Becomes Addiction

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Not a few of the love shopping who shop blindly when in a bad mood or mind. Whether it’s caused by stress, boredom, anger, even anxiety disorders that come.

When feeling bad like that, there is a void in the soul so that they try to find things that can fill the void that disturbs the mind.

They shopped to run from bad emotions and re-energize. After shopping, they will feel happiness.

Happiness is actually temporary, so when the happiness is gone they will continue to try to fill the void until finally the behavior becomes repetitive and causes addiction.

The risk is very serious, so it’s best to start consulting with experts

Shopaholic Syndrome, When Shopping Becomes Addiction

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If you are addicted, what should you do? The most appropriate solution for this is to find the root of the problem that triggers emotional disturbances with experts such as psychologists and psychiatrists.

Oniomania is annoying and can cause deep damage to life, from financial risks to social relationships, such as with family or even the work environment.

Discussing with the closest and trusted people can be the first step to stop shopping addiction from greater danger.

If you are already very disturbed by shopping habits, there is no need to be ashamed to consult a therapist or mental health professional to find appropriate and efficient solutions and treatments.