Saat Sahur, Konsumsi 5 Minuman Ini Agar Gak Dehidrasi Ketika Puasa

There are various activities that we do every day. Moreover, carrying out various activities while fasting is a challenge for some people.

Did you know that a fairly solid activity while fasting can be at risk of dehydration? Yes, of course, because during fasting our bodies lack fluids, which means dehydration can occur at any time.

What is dehydration? In fact, dehydration is a condition in which our bodies cannot function normally because the body loses more fluid than it gets, which results in disruption of the balance of sugar and salt.

Reported from Epicurious, There are 5 drinks that help us avoid dehydration during fasting. Here are the 5 drinks.

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1. Water

(photo: unsplash/vorosbenisop)

Water is the best drink to keep our bodies from becoming dehydrated.

Research says that consuming 2 liters of water or the equivalent of 8 glasses per day will help our bodies stay hydrated.

But how to consume 8 glasses of water per day during fasting? Well, you can try the 2-4-2 rule.

When fasting, you can consume 2 glasses at dawn, 4 glasses of water when breaking the fast and also 2 glasses of water before going to bed or it could be before dawn.

By consuming enough water, the skin will also be more moist so it can avoid dryness and the body becomes fresher.

2. Infusion water

In order not to be dehydrated, consume these 5 drinks while fasting

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For those of you who run a healthy lifestyle, of course, you are already familiar with this infused water. There are many benefits that can be found in infused water.

The goodness of plain water and the benefits of various fruits and vegetables used are excellent nutrients for the body and of course reduce the risk of dehydration.

It’s also very easy to make infused water. You only need to provide water and add a few pieces of fruit or vegetables, then let it sit for a few hours in the refrigerator.

After a few hours, the fruit should be soft and you can throw it away. Infused water is also fresher than normal water because it has a fruit or vegetable flavor that you add.

3. Energy drinks that contain electrolytes

In order not to be dehydrated, consume these 5 drinks while fasting

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The next drink that can prevent dehydration is an energy drink that contains electrolytes. Do not forget to pay attention to the amount of sugar and vitamin content in the drink.

Energy drinks can indeed restore stamina and hydrate the body, but you should not consume it in excess.

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4. Watermelon juice

In order not to be dehydrated, consume these 5 drinks while fasting

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This fruit does contain a lot of water and is perfect for consumption during hot weather because it is super refreshing!

In watermelon flesh about 91% consists of water so the risk of dehydration will also be reduced by consuming this watermelon juice.

To be healthier, you can avoid sugar when making watermelon juice. Or you can use honey instead of sugar.

5. Coconut water

In order not to be dehydrated, consume these 5 drinks while fasting

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We all know there are so many benefits of coconut water for the body. The lost fluids in the body will be replaced with coconut water.

5 main electrolytes contained in coconut water such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium.

When compared to energy drinks that contain electrolytes, coconut water is certainly much better because it does not contain artificial sweeteners and other harmful ingredients.

Dehydration can happen anytime and anywhere. Therefore, to prevent dehydration, consume drinks that can hydrate the body properly.