Ragam 5 Manfaat Minyak Zaitun untuk Kulit Cantik, Wajib Tahu!

Beautiful skin is everyone’s dream, be it girls or boys. Well, to get beautiful and healthy skin, of course, it doesn’t just come, because you have to do various ways.

The way you can do is go to a beauty clinic or treat your skin at home with natural ingredients.

Talking about natural ingredients that can make skin beautiful, of course olive oil should be included in the list. As you know, the benefits of olive oil are many.

What are the benefits of olive oil for skin beauty? To find out, let’s look at the following explanation.

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1. Remove makeup

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Makeup that is on your facial skin for hours of course contains dust, bacteria and dirt that can cause acne and other skin problems.

Many people think that removing makeup is enough by washing their faces, but that’s not enough you know.

Because the remnants of makeup in the pores are still attached, not to mention makeup waterproof which is difficult to clean.

To remove makeup thoroughly, you can use olive oil. Especially for those of you who have dry facial skin, olive oil is the right choice for removing makeup.

2. Effective in moisturizing the skin

Various Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin Beauty, Must Know!

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Do you have dry or very dry facial or body skin? Try applying olive oil to your skin.

If used regularly, you will get skin that is more moist, soft, healthy and shiny!

Even now there are many skin care products that use olive oil as the main ingredient because of its extraordinary properties.

3. Repair damaged skin tissue

Various Benefits of Olive Oil for Skin Beauty, Must Know!

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The skin is the most extensive organ, so it is very important to protect it from damage. Damage to skin tissue can be caused by various things such as sun exposure and pollution.

Using only one or two drops of extra virgin olive oil, will really help repair damaged or cracked skin tissue.

The vitamin D in olive oil can help treat inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis. And its antibacterial properties can treat acne on the skin of your face or back.

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4. Revitalize skin

Various Benefits of Olive Oil for Beauty, Must Know!

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Extra virgin olive oil has various contents such as vitamins and minerals which are certainly beneficial for beauty and skin health.

For those of you who want your skin to look youthful, bright and toned, olive oil is the best answer.

Olive oil applied to the skin will stimulate the production of collagen, tighten the skin, and of course brighten.

Regular use will make the skin more elastic too you know!

5. Protects from the sun

Various Benefits of Olive Oil for , Must Know!

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Excessive sunlight does have an impact that is not good for the skin.

The effects of the sun are dark skin, dark spots, skin aging faster and can even cause skin cancer!

The use of sunscreen is very important to protect the skin from the sun. If you don’t have sunscreen, olive oil can be a substitute.

After knowing the 5 various benefits of olive oil above, it’s only natural that many beauty products use olive oil as one of the main ingredients.

But keep in mind, because olive oil is made from natural ingredients, its use must also be done regularly so that the results you get can be maximized.