Persahabatan Awet Hingga Usia Tua Bisa Diciptakan dengan 5 Cara Ini

As is known, every human being needs other humans to live life, friends for example.

Yes, it seems almost everyone has a friend in his life. If a friend is only there at certain times, then it is different from a friend who will always be by your side.

Not a few friendships that last to old age, and not a few that eventually run aground because there are various problems that cause friendship relations to not last.

So how do you make friendships last to old age? Reported from psychology todaythere are 5 ways you can do it.

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1. Honest

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Relationships that are based on pretense or lies will certainly not last long and will eventually disappoint both parties.

To get a good friendly relationship, of course, honesty is needed. If there is no honesty between you, then your relationship is not friendship.

If previously friendship relations deteriorated, telling the truth will certainly warm the relationship again.

A friend will be very helpful for you to get to know yourself better, because indirectly he is the one who really knows you better.

2. Apologize according to his personality

Friendship Lasts Until Old Age Can Be Created in this Way

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The word “sorry” is simple but has a million meanings. With the word sorry, bad relationships can be established properly again.

Apologizing has always been synonymous with someone who made a mistake, when in reality that’s not always the case.

It could be that the person who apologizes aims to reconnect the relationship and does not want any disputes in his life, especially with his own friends.

Everyone has a different personality so try to apologize according to your best friend’s personality.

After being friends for so long, of course you will get to know the personality of him further, right? So you will know the right way to lower his high ego.

Because if you apologize that doesn’t match his personality, he could just get further away or annoyed with you.

3. Make time to meet and communicate

Friendship Lasts Until Old Age Can Be Created in this Way

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Have you ever felt when you were little you had a good friend but now you don’t know where he is anymore?

Actually, there are many incidents like this, and one of them is because the two parties do not take the time to meet regularly or communicate.

Communication is very important in relationships so that a tenuous relationship can become close again and maintain a relationship that is already close.

If you and he are both busy, don’t forget to contact only via social media.

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4. Don’t get your hopes up

Friendship Lasts Until Old Age Can Be Created in this Way

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Avoid expecting too much from other people, even if they are your best friend. Because other people (including friends) are very likely to make you feel disappointed.

You should know or be aware not to expect too much from the people closest to you. There are many people who expect too much from others and end up being disappointed.

5. Loving

Friendship Lasts Until Old Age Can Be Created in this Way

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Everyone has their bad qualities and you are no exception. If you feel that your friend did something bad or offended you, try to forgive him.

Avoid antagonizing or distancing them, as this will only make your relationship worse.

A good friendship will not demand, but will always love one another. Don’t let your emotions control you!

Not everyone can be used as a friend, because generally the number of friends will be much less than friends. Therefore, it is very important to maintain friendship until old age.