Perbedaan Lotion dan Moisturizer, Perawatan Terbaik Buat Kulit

Everyone certainly wants to have healthy skin. Various skin treatments were also carried out, for example using lotion and moisturizer. These skin care products may be familiar in everyday life.

What you often find, for example, are product variations such as hand and body lotion, body butter, moisturizing lotionetc. It turns out that there is a significant difference between lotion and moisturizer.

What makes the difference is the function and content in each product. After knowing the difference, later you will be more precise in choosing the product that suits your skin needs.

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Lotion can be applied with the palm of the hand for smoother and softer skin

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Lotions are substances that tend to be liquid, made with a mixture of chemicals and fragrances used for skin care. The liquid content and ingredients allow it to be applied to the skin.

How to use it can be with the palms of the hands that have been washed clean or using a soft cloth and cotton. According to the type, there are lotions that are applied to the hands, feet, or also for the body (body lotion).

Some lotions have a higher viscosity than gels and creams, but they have a similar function to soften the skin. The best time to apply lotion is after a morning shower.

Contains dyes and fragrances, but does not ward off free radicals

Difference between Lotion and Moisturizer, Best Treatment for Skin

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Lotions on the beauty product market generally contain dyes and fragrances. In this case, lotion is used to brighten the skin with a refreshing fragrance.

When applied to the skin, lotion can eliminate or minimize several kinds of negative effects that appear on the outer skin, for example, skin texture that tends to be rough.

Lotion products can absorb into the skin, but are not hydrating and also cannot ward off free radicals due to the sun or air pollution for too long.

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Moisturizer has several ingredients that can prevent dry skin

Difference between Lotion and Moisturizer, Best Treatment for Skin

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Moisturizer is a cosmetic product that was created to nourish the skin. In it there are ingredients such as natural oils that can seep into the layers of the skin.

Some of the content of moisturizer for example hyaluronic acid, ceramides, glycerin, lactic acid, and natural oil. The more liquid moisturizer contains propylene glycol, aloe vera, glycerin, and also hyaluronic acid.

Using a moisturizer makes the skin more supple, moist, and hydrated or not dry. Moisturizers increase the water content in the skin and also reduce evaporation in the skin pores.

No added colorants and also adds fragrance in moisturizers

Difference between Lotion and Moisturizer, Best Treatment for Skin

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Moisturizer users can be young or old. In general, people over 50 years of age use a moisturizer to reduce the risk of signs of aging in the form of wrinkled skin.

The benefits are indeed able to moisturize the skin to the deepest layer.

In dealing with dry skin, moisturizer can last for a longer time than lotion. The best time to wear it is before going to bed.

In general, moisturizers are neutral or clear in color because they are not added dyes and fragrances are not added. That’s why some moisturizer products on the front of the packaging are labeled not fragrance.

Between lotion and moisturizer, which one does your skin currently need?

Difference between Lotion and Moisturizer, Best Treatment for Skin

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Of course, everyone wants to have soft skin, not dry, and certainly healthy for longer. Therefore, it is very important to be careful before buying care products to suit the needs of the skin.

Lotion is usually used to soften the outer skin, with added fragrances and dyes. The effect of using lotion is relatively short.

Moisturizer is used to moisturize and hydrate while nourishing so that the skin does not dry out. Because it can penetrate deeper, moisturizer can be useful for longer for the skin.

When buying lotions and moisturizers, you should also check the ingredients. That way, the benefits of lotion and moisturizer will be maximized on the skin.