Pengen Kuat Puasa Seharian, Coba 7 Makanan Sehat Ini Saat Sahur

The 3rd pillar of Islam is fasting and it is obligatory for Muslims to perform this fast.

There are still many people who think that the food consumed during fasting is the same as usual days. Even though when fasting, you should pay more attention to the food you eat.

Some foods can make you hungry faster. Therefore, a healthy diet containing lots of protein and carbohydrates is highly recommended for someone who is fasting.

Reported from Alarabiya Englishthere are 7 healthy foods that can be consumed at dawn so that you can be strong for fasting all day.

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1. Wheat

(photo: unsplash/margzu)

The first food is oats which are very useful for slowing the release of energy. Oats are also very practical to serve.

It only takes about 15 minutes to cook. Oats are also very suitable for those of you who don’t have much time to cook other dishes.

For more nutrition, try to cook it together with milk and honey. The complex carbohydrates and protein contained in oats are high enough to make them the best food choice for suhoor.

2. Banana and peanut butter

Healthy Food for Suhoor To Fasting All Day

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You will feel the filling effect after consuming peanut butter because it contains unsaturated fats which are very healthy for the body and a source of protein.

Try mixing peanut butter with bananas. Why bananas? because bananas also have a filling effect.

Try spreading rye bread with peanut butter and topping it with a banana. Guaranteed you will feel full longer.

3. Boiled eggs

Healthy Food for Suhoor To Fasting All Day

(photo: pexels/trangdoan)

Eggs are indeed a food with a high protein content and also a source of vitamin D. So that the nutrients in eggs are not lost, try to cook them by boiling.

Indeed, for some people there are those who avoid eating these eggs because their cholesterol is quite high. But for someone who suffers from high blood pressure can consume 2 eggs every week.

Because it contains protein the body takes longer to digest which also affects the feeling of fullness longer.

Or if you are bored with boiled eggs, you can cook them in an omelette, don’t forget to also add vegetables to increase vitamins and nutrients.

4. Watermelon

Healthy Food for Suhoor To Fasting All Day

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One fruit that contains a lot of water is watermelon. About 70% of watermelon flesh contains water.

Because the water content is quite a lot, watermelon also reduces the risk of dehydration during fasting.

In addition, watermelon also has very good benefits for the body such as overcoming muscle pain, making the skin smoother and softer, preventing constipation and so on.

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5. Fruits and vegetables

Healthy Food for Suhoor To Fasting All Day

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This is what should not be forgotten, namely eating vegetables and fruit. Thirst and hunger will be more awake by eating enough fruits and vegetables.

There are several fruits that are most recommended to be consumed at dawn such as bananas, oranges, melons and watermelons.

As for the recommended vegetables such as celery, spinach, mustard greens and cucumber because they contain a lot of water.

6. Quinoa porridge

Healthy Food for Suhoor To Fasting All Day

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Well, these foodstuffs are really popular because of their many benefits for the body. Quinoa contains fiber and a source of protein that your body needs.

Try making quinoa porridge and adding some vegetables or fruit for a more delicious taste and added nutrition.

7. Yogurt

Healthy Food for Suhoor To Fasting All Day

(photo: unsplash/wesual)

There are so many benefits of yogurt for health, one of which can improve digestion.

For dessert after suhoor, try consuming yogurt by freezing it first and adding some toppings.

You can use toppings from fruits such as bananas or melons to increase the benefits.

Those are 7 recommendations for healthy foods that can be consumed at dawn so that you can fast throughout the day. Good luck trying the 7 foods above.