Ngidam Makanan Gak Sehat? Begini Cara Mengatasinya

For pregnant women, it is very natural to crave some food or drink. Even sometimes in a few moments, the cravings that are felt will change.

For example, a few hours ago I wanted to eat vegetables, but now I want to eat meat.

Usually there are some foods that are really wanted by pregnant women, such as foods that taste spicy, salty and sour.

Not only that, it is not uncommon for pregnant women to want to eat unhealthy foods for both the mother and the fetus.

So how to solve it? Follow some of the following tips quoted from health channel.

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1. Trying to resist the urge

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When you feel like an unhealthy but tempting food, try to resist the urge. So that the mind is not focused on desire, try to do light work.

Or it could be chewing gum, because some studies reveal that chewing gum can reduce excessive cravings.

2. Consume more protein

Craving Unhealthy Food?  Here's How To Overcome It

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Excessive appetite and cravings can be reduced if you consume more protein than usual. Protein will also help you feel full longer.

You can consume various sources of protein, but you need to remember that it doesn’t mean you have to consume excess protein, but just consume it in moderation.

3. Drink water

Craving Unhealthy Food?  Here's How To Overcome It

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Water is very good for the health of our bodies, experts recommend drinking 8 glasses of water every day.

And water can also help overcome unhealthy food cravings. If you are craving certain foods, immediately drink water and wait a while.

If cravings decrease, then you can be sure that you are actually just thirsty, not cravings.

4. Adjust your diet

Craving Unhealthy Food?  Here's How To Overcome It

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If possible, feel free to adjust your diet. This way, of course, will help you in suppressing the cravings that you are experiencing.

When setting a diet, in your mind you will focus on the eating pattern that has been set so that cravings can be overcome.

Make this dietary arrangement for the next few weeks, and you must be consistent to do so.

5. Avoid very hungry stomach conditions

Craving Unhealthy Food?  Here's How To Overcome It

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One of the biggest reasons why pregnant women experience cravings is because they are hungry. To prevent this hunger, try to eat regularly and provide healthy snacks.

You can get this healthy snack from nuts, fruits such as bananas or dried vegetables.

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6. Get enough sleep

Craving Unhealthy Food?  Here's How To Overcome It

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Appetite is strongly influenced by hormones that fluctuate throughout the day. Well, if you don’t get enough sleep, fluctuations will also be disturbed, causing excessive appetite.

Research shows that people who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to be obese than people who get enough sleep.

Therefore, getting enough sleep is one of the most powerful ways to overcome unhealthy food cravings during pregnancy.

7. Avoid seeing fast food ads

Craving Unhealthy Food?  Here's How To Overcome It

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Fast food is very tempting and surely everyone wants to eat the food.

But remember, pregnant women should not eat too much of this fast food. But what if you crave fast food?

Try to avoid seeing various fast food advertisements. Although this method is very simple, it can be said to be quite powerful.

8. Avoid stress

Craving Unhealthy Food?  Here's How To Overcome It

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Have you ever heard that someone who is stressed has a significant increase in appetite?

Not only that, stress can also make pregnant women want to eat unhealthy foods in excess.

There are various ways to avoid stress such as meditation, light exercise, doing homework or doing a hobby that you like.

9. Be aware of the risks that occur

Craving Unhealthy Food?  Here's How To Overcome It

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And the last way is to realize that unhealthy food will definitely have a bad impact.

This unhealthy food will not only affect your health but also the fetus. Moreover, if consumed in excess, surely the negative effects are also getting more and more.

Those are some ways to overcome unhealthy food cravings. If you are confused about how to overcome cravings, you should try the methods above.