Mengenal White Noise, Suara untuk Membantu Tidur Nyenyak



Have you been getting enough sleep lately or are you not getting enough sleep because you are busy? Adequate sleep can indeed make your immune system work properly.

When you sleep, your immune system produces cytokine proteins that help the body fight off bacteria or viruses that cause infection.

Sleep can also balance important hormones in the body and lower cortisol levels that cause stress.

When you know about the importance of sleep, it turns out that there are still many who have trouble sleeping well.

Well, for those of you who have trouble sleeping, maybe you need to get acquainted with the name white voicee which can make you sleep more soundly.

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White noise can be interpreted as noise in a positive version

(photo credit: pixabay)

White noise is the lexical meaning of the phrase white noise when translated into Indonesian. This may still be quite foreign to some people, maybe still foreign to you too.

Noise and good sleep may not be combined. However, this does not apply to white noise which is the result of the combined sound of all the different frequencies being played simultaneously.

Reported from Busyness, Katie Golde, a board-certified Head of Sleep Research at Mattree Clarity, states, because it includes so many sounds, white noise has the ability to mask other distracting noise.

The word ‘white’ itself is used because the way it works is like white light, which is light which is a mixture of various colors.