Mengenal Tren Friluftsliv, Cara Merawat Mental ala Norwegia

What comes to your mind when you hear about Norway?

Not only Norway, but also other Nordic countries in Northern Europe are world-famous for their extraordinary nature and peaceful atmosphere of community life.

Talking about serenity, there is a Norwegian-style lifestyle concept that is in great demand by people who like to explore the outdoors, which is called a trend. outside life.

Train outside life may still be foreign to the ears of the world community, including Indonesia. Moreover, the name is also quite difficult to pronounce.

But it turns out that many people are interested in practicing it, especially since the pandemic.

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Train outside life recently popular, especially since the pandemic

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Outside life It is quite busy being discussed and followed by Northern European explorers, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred.

When opportunities to travel outside the city are limited, people tend to change their tourist destinations.

Compared to sightseeing in the city, it seems safer to enjoy the outdoors.

In addition to minimal interaction with humans, it is also healthier because the air is clean. Outside life loved because it is felt can help eliminate boredom and fatigue.

Say outside life it is indeed complicated, but it turns out that if it is translated the meaning of the word is not so complicated.

In it are three words combined, namely Friday which means free, air which means air, and life which means life.

First recognized through the literature of the Norwegian poet

Get to know Friluftsliv Trends, Norwegian Ways of Mental Care

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Before the trend outside life popular because of the pandemic, the term first appeared in Hendrik Ibsen’s poem entitled In the Highlands.

Hendrik Ibsen as Norwegian poet translating outside life literally with the meaning of living in the middle of the free air.

Outside life it has become a word used to broadly describe a human relationship with Norwegian nature.

In Ibsen’s work, a man is depicted exploring the wild in search of his own moment and clearing his restless mind about the future.

Over time, the term outside life wider meaning. Not only used for exploring the outdoors, but also all forms of outdoor activities that can connect to nature.

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Not only enjoying nature, but also trying to appreciate nature

Get to know Friluftsliv Trends, Norwegian Ways of Mental Care

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Through trend outside life, Norwegians have learned to love mountaineering and playing on the beach more with the same love as their own home.

In essence the trend outside life tends to encourage people to practice positive habits to care for and protect nature.

Especially for famous tourist destinations such as Trolltunga which is often visited by foreigners.

Not only enjoying nature, but Norway tourism is also a form of education for the world’s citizens to appreciate nature because nature has given peace to human life.

Apart from outdoor activities, outside life also concerns the elements of friendship, patriotism, fitness, quality timementally healthy, and get away from ‘real life’ in a simple way.

It has been widely applied by the community to educate their children

Getting to Know the Trends in Norwegian Mental Treatment

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It’s not just about taking care of your health, especially mental health. outside life can also be applied to become a philosophy and a happy way of life since childhood.

That’s why the old man over there also instilled this into parenting.

When applied to children, then the trend fruliftsliv it is not obligatory to go to distant mountains or beaches.

Activities outside the home such as walking around the yard or setting up camp near a park are also important.

Even the popular little daycare there is known as Outdoor Kindergarten which means forest children’s park.

The learning activities are arranged outdoors like the concept of a natural school in Indonesia.

Children in Norway are generally instilled with a sense of pride in the environment and are encouraged to be able to develop more by exploring while playing.