Mengenal Jade Roller, Alat Perawatan Kulit Wajah dari Batu Giok

Lately the trend of skin care is growing more and more. The goals also vary, such as keeping skin healthy, removing acne scars, making it look youthful, and so on.

One of the most popular skin care trends, is jade roller. How to use it is called massage. Usually massaged is the area of ​​​​the cheeks, forehead, jaw, and under the eyes.

jade roller made of small green jade.

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Believed to help to form skin regeneration and soothe

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If maybe you don’t know, try to imagine a tool in the form of a paint roller which is used for painting. The difference is size, material, and function.

jade roller It is small in size and is used by massaging it into certain areas of the face. In general, this tool has two ends.

On one side the size of the stone is quite large and on the other side it is smaller.

The most popular version of roller It is made of jade (jade). However, the variants are growing more and more.

In ancient beauty practices, tools like this were believed to help shape skin regeneration and give a calming effect like meditation.

Inspired by holistic medicine in China using jade

Get to know the Jade Roller, a Facial Skin Care Tool made of jade

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Like other fields in the world, beauty trends also continue to give birth to useful innovations. In this technological era, it turns out that innovation in the world of beauty is not always synonymous with technology.

jade roller is a facial massager made of crystal jade. There are several other types of crystals, such as stones rose quartz roller with pink and amethyst roller with purple.

Although some people have only known it in recent years, this tool has actually been a mainstay of Chinese women since the 7th century era.

Holistic medicine from China has used jade because its properties are believed to be able to help cure neurological, heart, and kidney diseases.

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The benefits for the face have not been proven through scientific research

Get to know the Jade Roller, a Facial Skin Care Tool made of jade

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Indeed, there are some people who claim that this tool can disguise wrinkles, remove black spots, increase collagen levels, and prevent acne.

But, actually there is no medically proven research.

Moreover, the price is also relatively expensive, so many people question whether this tool is really effective. In some market This tool is priced at 200 thousand to 1 million.

In essence the benefits of roller such as this is to make facial skin more relaxed and help blood circulation more smoothly.

This tool can also be used to help effectiveness skin care that have been used, such as serum and essence.

The recommended usage time is about 5 minutes twice a day after cleansing your face. Reported health channelthe proper direction of use to make skin firmer is from top to bottom.

There are several things to consider when you want to wear it

Getting to Know Facial Skin Care Tools from Jade

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If you want to try a cool and soothing sensation, store this little thing in the refrigerator before using it.

In order to be free from all kinds of skin problems, jade roller of course not enough. In addition to using routine skincare, it is also balanced with exercise, healthy food, and adequate sleep.

It would be nice if its use is not interchangeable with other people to keep it hygienic. Even when using alone, must be cleaned after use.

One more thing to pay attention to when buying it, is to be careful because now there are many counterfeit goods.
The fraudulent seller turned out to be able to sell marble that was dyed green like jade.