Mengenal Istilah Sun, Moon, dan Rising Sign pada Zodiak Manusia

From year to year, the zodiac predictions are still in great demand by young people. Even if it’s just for fun if you happen to get a good prediction.

Indeed, the zodiac has been known since time immemorial, but human thinking about the zodiac has undergone many developments.

Do you also believe in zodiac predictions? Maybe sometimes believe, but also often feel that the explanation for your zodiac does not match.

Have you ever heard of the term Sun Moon, and rising sign on the human zodiac? All three will probably make you understand some new things.

Want to know what the term Sun Moon, and rising sign and what is the difference between the three? Find the answer here.

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sun sign

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sun sign is the zodiac by date of birth and is the zodiac most often mentioned. For example, if you were born on January 13, your zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Like the sun (Sun) as the center of the solar system, then sun sign also show the real you.

Besides being the center of identity, the sun is also a symbol of one’s life force, spirit, feelings, and intelligence.

Zodiac explanations related to characters and predictions are usually based on sun sign. You could say that all the zodiac predictions you’ve ever read are based on sun sign.

According to astrologers, the zodiac sun sign show you how to express yourself, about excitement-you, and all your uniqueness.

my sign

Get to know the terms Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign in the Human Zodiac

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If the zodiac sun sign show the center of yourself and how to express yourself to the outside world, then it’s different again with moon sign. moon sign relates to the hidden emotions in the personality or behind a person.

Its characteristics are like the moon that shines at night and sometimes in the dark of night. The moon is identified with emotions, maternal energy, feelings, desires, feelings and also secrets that are not shown to the outside world.

To be able to know the zodiac moon signYou need more complete data on your calendar year of birth along with your birth time zone.

If it’s not possible to ask an astrologer, you can also calculate it yourself with online moon sign. In general characteristics moon sign appears when you are stressed, or when you are with someone you are close to.

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rising sign

Get to know the terms Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign in the Human Zodiac

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rising sign also called rising sign, and this probably still hasn’t been talked about much. rising sign symbolizes a person’s appearance, image, or persona.

Like the first impression (first impression) when meeting new people, rising sign is the first impression we get when people see us.

rising sign will affect the way to adjust to new situations and how to appear in front of people.

Zodiac rising sign actually means the point of the sky that meets the earth or what is known as the horizon line at sea where the sun rises.

To see rising signthen must know about the time of birth details such as hours and minutes, as well as the place of birth. rising sign can change every few hours.

Everyone has a zodiac Sun Moonand rising sign at a time

Know the Terms in the Human Zodiac

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Between Sun Moon, and rising sign they are different, but they are one unit. For everyone actually has a zodiac Sun Moonand rising sign at a time.

But most only know sun sign just. sun sign is a zodiac that is determined based on the date and month of birth, and generally affects the identity or personality of people in general.

moon sign is a zodiac that is calculated with the help of the calendar year of birth and time zone of birth. moon sign associated with hidden emotions or private secrets that are not shown out.

Meanwhile, rising sign related to the first impression that other people see. rising sign determined by the detailed time of birth, including hours and minutes and place of birth.

For example, if two people were born on (sun sign) the same, will not necessarily have moon sign and rising sign the same.

Although about the truth of the zodiac back to each other’s beliefs, hopefully the explanation about Sun Moon, and rising sign can add to your insight.