Mengenal Diet Keto, Tren Populer untuk Melangsingkan Badan

Since then until now, having an ideal body shape has become an important need. Various ways are taken to have a slim body. One of them is by doing a diet or eating patterns.

Various diet methods have emerged and offer the effectiveness of each method. One that is quite popular in recent years is the keto diet.

The keto diet is a diet method by reducing the amount of carbohydrates and increasing fat consumption.

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It has been known for a long time as a treatment for epilepsy and seizures

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The keto diet has been around for 100 years. At first the keto diet was intended for children with epilepsy and seizures and can control blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Furthermore, now the keto diet is widely practiced by the wider community.

This is because the benefits are many, including; control blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes, reduce the risk of heart disease, and reduce the risk of developing nervous system disorders.

It can also reduce the symptoms of epilepsy, inhibit the development of cancer, and inhibit inflammation in uric acid.

Its increasingly high popularity is supported by its effects such as helping to lose weight fairly quickly, being able to cause a feeling of fullness for longer, maintaining blood sugar stability and also being able to improve triglycerides and HDL concentrations in the blood.

There are several stages to running the keto diet

Get to know the Keto Diet, a Popular Trend for Slimming

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When doing the keto diet we have to do several stages, namely:

This stage lasts for 2-3 days. The induction stage is done by reducing the amount of carbohydrate and animal protein intake by 10 grams per day.

In addition, it can also be done by fasting for 16-18 hours, but still maintaining the intake of water or calorie-free drinks.

At this stage it is permissible to eat vegetables and vegetable protein, but not recommended for fruits. This stage lasts for 1 week to 1 month.

At this stage the nutritional intake received by the body is 75% fat, 25% protein and 10% carbohydrates. Fruits are also allowed to be consumed, but a maximum of 20 grams per day.

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Some foods are recommended and avoided while on a diet

Get to know the Keto Diet, a Popular Trend for Slimming

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During the keto diet, there are several types of foods that are recommended and avoided for consumption, namely:

Foods that are recommended for consumption;

  • Meat is beef, chicken, and goat
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Salmon, tuna and mackerel
  • Dairy products that do not contain sugar
  • Healthy oils like virgin coconut oil and olive oil
  • Low-carb vegetables like tomatoes, leafy greens, and bell peppers
  • Avocado

Foods or drinks that should be avoided;

  • Foods and drinks that contain sugar
  • fruits
  • Vegetables that contain carbohydrates and sugar such as potatoes and carrots
  • Various ready-to-eat products
  • alcohol

Some tips on running the keto diet if you want maximum results

Get to Know Popular Trends for Slimming

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Here are some tips that can be done to make the keto diet a success. Among them:

  • Pay attention to health conditions

The keto diet is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and those who have problems with gallstones.

  • Keep mineral intake in the body

During the keto diet, the kidneys will excrete more electrolytes and fluids.

So, we must maintain the condition of the body’s minerals with adequate intake of sodium and potassium as well as water.

Those who are on a diet should not eat foods that contain carbohydrates, fats, and animal protein beyond the limits set so that our bodies continue to reach a state of ‘ketosis’.

Although beneficial, there are also some risks that occur when following the keto diet in the long term for example; kidney disorders, lack of intake of healthy carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables rich in carbohydrates, and loss of vitamins and minerals that the body needs

Basically, consider the various benefits and risks that occur to the body while running it. Because basically, the diet must be done according to the condition and ability of the body,