Mengenal Dark Circle, Eye Bags, Puffy Eyes, dan Apa Bedanya

Eyes are windows to the soul. That’s the old saying. That’s why our eyes are so important to maintain their health.

It’s not only related to its function to see, but also its external appearance, such as the eyelids and the bottom that surrounds the eyes.

Because the skin tissue on the eye and around it is sensitive, so it can bring up some unwanted wrinkles.

Age and lifestyle factors also have their own influence, such as the emergence of dark circles, eye bagsand puffy eyes. People who experience it can still cope to get back to normal.

But first, let’s try to find out the meaning of the term dark circles, eye bagsand puffy eyes the following.

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Dark circle

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Basically dark circle or panda eyes caused by genetic factors. Skin color pigments also affect the level of darkness of panda eyes.

If the dark circles tend to be bluish or dark purple in color, it’s because of the minimal thickness of the skin.

The blood vessels become more visible. This condition often occurs in people with pale skin, whose skin lacks subcutaneous fat around the eyes.

Moreover, if coupled with a lifestyle that often stays up late, the condition can get worse.

In addition to blood vessels, fat levels, and lifestyle, it turns out that facial anatomy also has a big influence on the condition dark circle. Slightly bulging eyes can make dark shadows appear more real.

One more thing, the decrease in fat tissue in the aging phase also affects panda eyes. You can deal with it with treatment with eye cream or a serum that can stimulate collagen and increase hydration.

Eye bags

Get to know the terms Dark Circle, Eye Bags, and Puffy Eyes

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Reason eye bags or eye bags are usually associated with fatigue or lack of sleep. In fact, the condition of eye bags is due to a combination of fat herniation in normal skin tissue.

In general eye bags often appear with the aging phase after the age of 40 years. However, genetic factors can also affect eye bags. Then how to solve it?

Actually eye bags can’t go away completely with just the product skin care. However, skin elasticity can be restored by injection fillerespecially the skin that is starting to not tighten anymore.

With fillerthe skin will be tighter again. It is recommended for those of you who have entered the age of 25 to start routine maintenance.

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Swollen eyes

Get to know the terms Dark Circle, Eye Bags, and Puffy Eyes

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Problem about puffy eyes not infrequently equated with eye bagsalthough the reasons are different. Swollen eyes or this condition of swelling around the eyes occurs over time.

The causes can vary, for example due to allergies, infections, excessive consumption of alcohol or salt. Some of these things make the body exposed to dehydration and accumulation of fluid in the eye area.

Appearance puffy eyes It will be worse when you wake up. But it will be able to disappear by itself if the fluid has flowed to other parts of the body.

Because puffy eyes only temporary, the easiest way to deal with it is to improve sleep patterns, reduce ingredients that trigger allergies and infections.

It would be better if you avoid alcohol. To overcome this, you can use the product skin care with formulation cooling effect which can reduce inflammation and also improve blood circulation.

So, what’s the difference between dark circles, eye bagsand puffy eyes?

Get to know the terms Dark Circle, Eye Bags, and Puffy Eyes

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Emergence condition dark circles, eye bagsand puffy eyes is a problem that all three occur around the eyes.

Dark circles are a term for panda eyes that occur due to genetic factors such as facial shape, skin pigment, and age.

But it can also get worse because of a lifestyle that often stays up late. Eye bags or also referred to as eye bags can appear because of the fat content in the lower eyelid tissue that affects elasticity.

Meanwhile, for puffy eyes is a condition of swollen eyes for a certain time due to infection, allergies, or the influence of accumulated fluid.

I don `t know dark circles, eye bagsand puffy eyes the effects can get worse with age and an unhealthy lifestyle.

In order not to get worse, each of the three can be overcome by skin care routine and healthy lifestyle.