Mengenal Cabin Fever, Risiko Kesehatan Akibat Terlalu Lama di Rumah –

What’s that cabin fever? The term is heard more often during a pandemic like now. Cabin fever This happened because of the isolation and quarantine period that was deliberately imposed to reduce the spread of the corona virus.

As a result, people who do it over time will feel anxious and stressed. Generally, it is characterized by physical symptoms such as difficulty waking up, lethargy, difficulty concentrating, or a messy eating pattern.

There are also mental symptoms such as decreased motivation, hopelessness, and tend to be emotional or sensitive.

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Many negative effects arise due to lack of activity

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Lack of activity during the quarantine period will make the body sluggish and feeling bad. This situation will trigger yourself to be unhappy, irritable, and restless.

It’s not just an annoyance or an ailment that just goes away. Compiled from several sources, cabin fever It is also the cause of the birth of bad habits that affect the health of the body.

Spending too much time in front of the screen and bedroom is bad for health in the future.

Not exercising will cause obesity, weakened immune system, poor blood circulation, and hormonal imbalance.

Worse yet, it will also increase the risk of metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, stroke, cancer, and heart attack.

Can also be a threat to kmental health

Getting to know Cabin Fever, Health Risks Due to Long Time at Home

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Simply, cabin fever occurs due to isolation or quarantine that is too long. People find it difficult to socialize and tend to spend time alone.

According to Hafid Algristian, one of the psychiatry specialists for FK UNAIR alumni, said that the symptoms are difficult to recognize because they are neither a syndrome nor a diagnosis.

Those who experience this will be hit by prolonged stress. Unfortunately, this too can not be overcome with drugs.

Social restrictions make a person experience sensory derivation. They accept limited sound and light sensors.

So, this is what often causes hallucinatory effects. That’s why if someone who experiences it will be slightly threatened their mental health.

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Everyone has different symptoms physically and mentally

Getting to know Cabin Fever, Health Risks Due to Long Time at Home

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Everyone’s symptoms are different because they are influenced by personality and problem-solving abilities. Extroverts will definitely find it difficult to adapt to conditions that require them to be alone.

However, this is also hard for introverts to go through in the long run. The situation is made worse because of mental stress problems. They need help to get out of this problem.

Increased pressure will trigger other disorders such as paranoia, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, or worse.

In fact, not everyone will experience mental health problems as a result of this condition.

If you start to feel a decreased appetite, disturbed sleep patterns, even difficulty concentrating, you can go to the doctor to get the best solution.

How to solve cabin fever that might start to bother?

Getting to know Cabin Fever, Health Risks Due to Long Time at Home

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The most effective way to deal with this condition is to act normally. Work on a daily routine, set your bedtime, chat with friends, and eat regularly.

To strengthen mental resources, those who experience this need to practice gratitude every day. Reframe the situation and use this moment as a way to find yourself.

In addition, things like the following might be able to overcome.

  • Follow daily functions by acting normally and avoiding long naps.
  • Keep working on assignments and reviewing them, rearranging goals, and taking short breaks.
  • Avoid activities in front of the screen for a long time such as playing online games and watching television. Distract by looking at the scenery or exploring nature.

Now that you know it, you can now avoid it, prevent it, or deal with it so that it doesn’t drag on.