Mengenal Buah Tin, Penuh Manfaat dan Disebut di Kitab Suci

Figs are one of the famous fruits that come from the Arabian peninsula and are believed to bring blessings. As one of the oldest plants in the world, the fruit is also a source of pride for the Arabs.

Although it comes from the Arabian peninsula, figs can also be grown in Indonesia. Indeed, this plant can survive in tropical climates and is not seasonal, so it can bear fruit throughout the year.

This fruit is known in historical records and is also mentioned in the holy book of the Koran, namely in the letter At Tin. There are hundreds of species in the world and the classification is said to be related to the banyan tree.

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From the Arabian peninsula then spread to many countries in Asia and Europe

(photo: one hope)

Before finding out about the benefits of the fruit, it’s good for us to know the origin of the tree first. The fig tree which is also called the fig tree (Ficus carica) origin is from the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula.

From Arabia then continued its spread to the region of Asia Minor for example Turkey and Afghanistan. Continue to Syria to India.

The Greeks also brought it all the way to Europe. The fig tree is a large tree, with a height of more than 10 m with the leaves hanging down.

In general, fig trees have many branches and shoots appear from underground near the roots. The tree can live quite a long time, namely 50-70 years or even up to 100 years if the environment is suitable.

Middle Eastern people can make it a special menu according to the season

Getting to know figs, full of benefits and mentioned in the scriptures

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The skin of the fruit from the outside looks green or purplish and inside there is a pink flesh. Hundreds of tiny seeds make it crunchy when chewed.

Not only does it have a sweet taste and unique texture, but its benefits are also unquestionable.

Some of the nutritional content makes figs considered good for consumption. Can also be an option for those who are on a diet.

The people of the Tunisian, Ancient Egyptian, and ancient Greeks already knew it as a food as well as an anti-tumor, obesity, and cholesterol drug.

The fruit can be enjoyed directly, dried first, or taken extract.

During the dry season, people in the Middle East can make it a delicious dish. Meanwhile, during the rainy season, it is usually processed into dry food which is also widely liked.

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Has natural sugar content and other nutrients that are beneficial for health

Getting to know figs, full of benefits and mentioned in the scriptures

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The specialty contained in it also makes figs dubbed the fruit from heaven. The sweet taste comes from the natural sugar content. The levels can increase if the fruit is dried.

One fruit that weighs about 40 grams contains no more than 50 calories. It also contains vitamin B6, fiber, and natural antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenolic acids.

The content of vitamin B6 in it is important to increase energy in the body.

Fiber is also beneficial for digestion, while antioxidants are believed to be of great benefit to counteract the effects of free radicals. Fruits that contain antioxidants, the skin tends to be dark purple.

The antioxidants contained in the fruit extract are also good for skin cell health, minimize collagen damage, and prevent premature aging.

Can be planted alone in the yard of the house and grows fast without extra care

Getting to know figs, full of benefits and mentioned in the scriptures

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If you want to plant your own, you can prepare seeds in the form of stem cuttings or grafts. The seeds that have grown are put in the provided pots.

No need to water often, just 2-3 times a week. If the weather is normal and plus the right fertilizer, the stems will grow big fast.

The stems tend to be soft with a gray or brownish color. If you are not used to it, you should be careful with the stems that contain sap. The sap can cause irritation, itching, and danger if in contact with the eyes.

When it is 4-5 months old, the fruit has started to show. Especially in the dry season, there will be more fruit that is ripe and ready to harvest.

That’s a review of figs that are specifically mentioned in the scriptures. The benefits for health are quite a lot.

Moreover, the cultivation method is also easy. Maybe you are interested in growing it yourself in the yard of the house?