Mengenal Brain Fog, Kondisi Saat Pikiran Mendadak Linglung

Have you ever suddenly felt blank and forgot something to do? Or like suddenly absent-minded when talking to other people?

The state of mind that momentarily forgets is called brain fog. Occurs not only when someone is talking, but also when doing an important job.

Some people will be very uncomfortable because of this because it can interfere with daily activities.

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Can be experienced by people who are experiencing a tired mental condition

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brain fog is a symptom that can affect the ability to think. A person experiencing it may feel unfocused, confused and somewhat disoriented.

It could be moodit also becomes a mess for not being able to remember something that should be said or done in an important situation.

Some people experience it because it is associated with a tired mental state. brain fog can interfere with cognitive function for example;

  • memory problems and mood
  • not clear mind
  • decreased concentration
  • unable to focus

Symptoms that appear can also look like being stressed to the point of having difficulty doing daily work, although it doesn’t last long as in depression.

There are several things that can cause brain fog to someone

Getting to know Brain Fog, a condition when the mind is suddenly absent-minded

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There are several possibilities that cause a person to experience this condition brain fogfor example because of hours of sleep, side effects of diet, to hormonal changes.

1. Insufficient or excessive sleep

Lack of sleep can affect many other health problems, such as brain performance problems. Not only lack of sleep, but too much sleep also has a bad effect on the brain.

Preferably 7-8 hours each night with a consistent wake time. As much as possible, drink less coffee and don’t play string when it comes to bedtime.

2. Can be experienced by people who are on a diet

For people who have certain allergies, such as MSG, dairy products, and nuts are also at risk of experiencing brain fog.

Conversely, a lack of vitamin B12 can also affect brain function. This is usually experienced by people who are on a diet program.

3. Due to hormonal changes

Changed hormones can also cause brain fogespecially in women. For example, during pregnancy, the hormones estrogen and progesterone increase.

The changes can affect memory and can interfere with cognitive in the short term. In addition to pregnancy, hormonal problems are also experienced by women who are menopausal.

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It’s not a fatal medical condition, but it needs to be treated properly

Getting to know Brain Fog, a condition when the mind is suddenly absent-minded

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Actually brain fog is not a fatal medical condition. For example, you go to the kitchen with the aim of picking up an item, but when you get to the kitchen you don’t even remember what to take.

Or maybe you’ve had a hard time remembering where your motorcycle keys are after you finished using them this morning. Isn’t that a very common thing to happen every day?

Like fog, this condition appears only for a moment and then disappears.

The condition of sudden forgetting is a fairly natural thing for humans, but still it can’t be left alone.

By knowing the cause, there is no need for a more severe risk to occur because proper treatment has been given.

So how do you fix it so it doesn’t get worse?

Recognizing the Condition When the Mind is Suddenly Disoriented

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To overcome brain fog Of course it depends on the cause. In mild situations, the way to overcome this can be done by ensuring that nutritional needs are met, avoiding substances that trigger allergies, and getting quality sleep.

The routine things below can be done as an anticipation.

  • Try to get 7-8 hours of quality sleep at night.
  • Don’t stress too much and give yourself time to relax.
  • Reduce drinking coffee.
  • Do sports
  • Train the brain by playing confusing or riddles that are not from string.
  • Take up a hobby.
  • Make sure the food you eat is nutritionally balanced.

If the disorder lasts a long time, is it necessary to see a doctor? If the condition gets worse or happens too often, it’s a good idea to see a doctor immediately.

If there are symptoms of other health problems, they can be treated immediately.