Mau Menunda Kehamilan? Ini 10 Jenis Makanan yang Bisa Kamu Coba

Preventing pregnancy is a decision for some couples. In addition to regulating the birth spacing of children, the goal is to prepare mentally and financially to be more mature.

Moreover, having children requires great preparation. In fact, not a few tablets of parents who harbor fears when having children.

Well, one way to prevent pregnancy can be through food. Many believe, certain foods can be a way for those of you who want to delay pregnancy.

The reason is, not a few of the health experts and the closest people who managed to prove it.

Are you planning to postpone pregnancy? If yes, here are 10 types of food consumed.

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1. Sperm already in? Consumption of young pineapple

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It is common knowledge that pineapple is effective in preventing pregnancy. If you have had sex and the semen has already entered the vagina, it is recommended to consume young pineapple for 2-3 days.

Fyi Here, pineapple can also prevent pregnancy after late menstruation. Because, consuming pineapple in large quantities can soften the cervix.

2. Contains papain, papaya is a fruit that is worth consuming

Planning to Postpone Pregnancy?  Here are 10 Types of Food You Can Try

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Please note, papaya contains an enzyme called papain. Many believe this enzyme can suppress progesterone, thereby helping prevent pregnancy after intercourse.

But keep in mind, you are advised to eat raw papaya. You can also advise your husband to eat papaya after having sex. Because, this step helps men to reduce sperm count.

3. Effective in inducing the body, ginger is believed to be able to prevent pregnancy

Planning to Postpone Pregnancy?  Here are 10 Types of Food You Can Try

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In fact, ginger can induce the body to trigger menstruation. Just a suggestion, if you want to eat it, add grated ginger to boiling water.

After five minutes, strain the water mixed with grated ginger. For maximum results, drink grated ginger at least once a day.

4. Have sex without using contraception? It’s good to eat apricots

Planning to Postpone Pregnancy?  Here are 10 Types of Food You Can Try

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If you’ve had sex, there’s nothing wrong with eating apricots. The reason is, this one fruit can prevent fetal implantation naturally.

To serve, add 100 grams of dried apricots and two tablespoons of honey to the water.

Then, boil until boiling and drink regularly. Oh yes! You can also eat 5-10 apricot seeds a day after sex.

However, if fertilization has already occurred, apricots cannot provide any benefits.

5. Cinnamon, can trigger miscarriage

Planning to Postpone Pregnancy?  Here are 10 Types of Food You Can Try

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It is undeniable, cinnamon is a food ingredient that stimulates the uterus. In fact, it can trigger a miscarriage, you know!

However, the benefits of cinnamon cannot be obtained instantly. Therefore, it is important to consume cinnamon regularly.

If you plan to consume cinnamon to prevent pregnancy, it would be better if you consulted with your doctor first.

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6. It takes 30 seconds, neem leaves are effective in killing sperm

Planning to Postpone Pregnancy?  Here are 10 Types of Food You Can Try

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Neem or neem leaves are usually available in leaf extract or oil. Interestingly, neem oil can work to kill sperm cells in just 30 seconds. However, the oil must be injected into the uterus.

While neem pills or tablets are believed to increase male sterility. Interested in trying?

7. In addition to relieving cramps due to menstruation, wild yam serves to prevent pregnancy

Planning to Postpone Pregnancy?  Here are 10 Types of Food You Can Try

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Do you believe? Apparently, wild yam can help relieve menstrual cramps, cramps, uterine pain to ovarian pain.

Not only that, this type of plant is believed to be a synthetic progesterone commonly used in birth control pills.

This means that progesterone is a very important hormone during pregnancy. However, if taken in high doses, progesterone can prevent ovulation.

8. Soba, noodles from Japan that can prevent implantation of the fetus

Soba, noodles from Japan

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If you want to delay pregnancy, at least in one week you need to consume 500 grams of buckwheat concoction. The reason, this herb will work before and after sex.

The good news is, eating buckwheat does not cause side effects that can harm the body.

9. Safe with vitamin C.

Safe with vitamin C.

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There have been many studies that prove vitamin C is good for the body. If taken in high doses, the content of vitamin C can interfere with the hormone progesterone and prevent conception.

To be successful, you need to take 1500 mg of vitamin C twice a day for 2-3 days after sex.

Also keep in mind, excessive consumption of vitamin C will be fatal for the body

10. Consume parsley leaves in large quantities

Consumption of parsley leaves

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To prevent pregnancy, you are advised to consume parsley in high doses, why?

Consumption of parsley leaves in large quantities will cause uterine contractions. In fact, parsley leaves can also prevent pregnancy without causing side effects.

Even if you don’t plan to have children yet, it’s good to pay attention to the health and side effects of the foods above, yes!