9 Manfaat Tepung Maizena untuk Kesehatan Tubuh

Have you ever cooked food using cornstarch? If so, do you know the benefits of the flour, especially for health?

So, before we talk about the health benefits of cornstarch, let’s find out first, what is cornstarch?

Cornstarch is a type of flour made from corn starch.

Generally, people use this flour to thicken soups, soups, stir-fries, or thickening sauces.

When you want to use this flour as a thickening agent in cooking, you just need to mix it with enough water.

Then add to the dish, and cook until thickened.

Not only can thicken soupy dishes, cornstarch can also be used as an addition to making various kinds of cakes, such as puddings, breads, brownies, biscuits, and various other cakes.

So, what are the benefits of cornstarch for health? Check out the following.

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1. Gluten free

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The health benefits of cornstarch are gluten-free.

Gluten is a protein found in grains and cereals, wheat, rye, barley and triticale.

This protein also has a negative impact on the body if consumed in excess.

Some of the diseases caused by consuming too much gluten are throat irritation, stomach disorders, allergies, poor nutrition, indigestion and shortness of breath.

To be free from these diseases, you can choose cornstarch as a substitute for other high-gluten carbohydrate flours.

This flour is proven to have a fairly low gluten content so it is safe for consumption.

2. As an egg substitute for a vegan diet

9 Benefits of cornstarch for body health

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As we know that vegetarians will stay away from food that enters the group of living things such as animals.

Whatever the animal produces, vegetarians will not eat it. One example is eggs.

In fact, in the manufacture of foods such as cakes, eggs are needed. Not only that, the protein content in eggs is also very good for meeting the nutrients needed by the body.

If you are a vegetarian, you don’t have to worry. Because, you can replace the use of eggs with cornstarch.

This is because this flour can be a substitute for eggs because it has a texture like eggs after being beaten.

The trick, you just need to mix one tablespoon of cornstarch with warm water. Beat until the flour mixture has the consistency of an egg.

3. Gaining weight

9 Benefits of cornstarch for body health

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Weight has always been a frightening specter for almost all women. Being overweight or underweight can be a big problem. Because, most of them want the ideal body weight.

If you have a below normal weight and it’s hard to gain weight, you can consume cornstarch.

This is because this flour is believed to increase weight quickly.

The high carbohydrate content in this flour can be converted quickly into glucose.

Not only that, cornstarch only has a few nutrients so when you eat this flour, the body will not process it for long.

Therefore, this flour is only recommended for people who want to gain weight, not people who want to lose weight.

4. Overcoming oily hair

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Oily hair is annoying, because it will look dirty and unhealthy.

Usually, to deal with oily hair is not enough just to use shampoo.

You need to do hair care both at the beauty salon and at home for maximum results.

However, now you can use a natural remedy made from a mixture of cornstarch. Because, this flour turns out to be able to overcome the problem of oily hair.

How to use it is quite easy. You just need to mix cornstarch and peppermint or lavender oil.

The mixture of these two ingredients is able to make hair look fresh and not greasy.

However, this mixture can only be used for light hair, not for dark hair.

This is because it will leave marks like white. If applied to dark hair, the traces of the mixture will be clearly visible.

5. Treat sunburned skin

9 Benefits of cornstarch for body health

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When you are in the sun for a long time, your skin will burn or what is commonly known as sunburn.

This condition can cause the skin to become hot like a burn.

To overcome this, you can use cornstarch because it is believed to be able to overcome sunburned skin.

In addition, this flour can also help smooth the skin.

To do this, add a cup of cornstarch to warm water and soak in it for 20 to 30 minutes.

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6. Overcoming skin irritation

9 Benefits of cornstarch for body health

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Itching or irritation of the skin caused by insect bites, or the use of diapers on the baby for too long, can be overcome by using cornstarch.

The trick, mix two to three tablespoons of cornstarch into cold water and stir until it forms a thick paste.

Then, rub the cornstarch paste into the irritated skin.

However, it should be noted that this cornstarch paste cannot be used on skin that has infections such as purulent skin, because it will make the skin condition worse.

7. Prevent skin infections in diabetics

Prevent skin infections in diabetics

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Diabetics are generally prone to infections of the skin, especially on the feet.

To overcome this, care and cleanliness are needed that need to be maintained.

If the infection is left too long it will cause more severe effects, such as rotting feet which of course can only be overcome by amputation.

Therefore, if you are diabetic and your feet are injured, then you should treat them with cornstarch.

Because this flour is predicted to be effective for treating skin infections in diabetics.

The trick, after the feet are washed clean, simply apply with cornstarch. This flour can keep your feet dry so you don’t get infected or irritated easily.

8. Gives instant energy

Gives instant energy

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Activities carried out every day definitely require energy. This energy can be obtained from the food and drinks we consume every day.

Besides being able to gain weight, apparently cornstarch can also provide instant energy for those of you who have a myriad of activities.

The high carbohydrate content in this flour can be converted into glucose easily so the body digests it very quickly and processes it into energy.

You only need to cook this flour, either by mixing it into a soupy dish or stir fry.

9. Overcoming pruritus

Overcoming pruritus

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The last benefit for health is overcoming pruritus.

Pruritus is itching of the skin caused by diseases such as kidney, liver, circulatory, thyroid, and cancer disorders.

To overcome the itching, you can use cornstarch.

The final word

From the explanation above, we can see that cornstarch, which has only been used as a thickening agent in food, turns out to have many health benefits.

Therefore, you can include this flour in your monthly shopping record.

However, keep in mind that you should not consume this flour in excess. Because something in excess is not good, especially for the health of the body.