Manfaat Jeruk Kimkit, Buah yang Bisa Dimakan dengan Kulitnya

Oranges are fruits that are widely consumed by the world community, including in Indonesia. Citrus fruits are not only refreshing, but also have many important nutrients.

There are many kinds of oranges in the world. Some of the famous ones in Indonesia include tangerines, kaffir limes, limes, Bali oranges, lemons, and Mandarin oranges. Another unique type of orange is the kimkit orange.

The name is unique, as unique as the shape and way of eating. Some call it kingkit or kumquat in English, while the scientific name is Trifasia trifolia.

One of the things that makes kimkit unique is that it can be eaten with the skin.

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Has a unique shape and is famous in several Asian countries to Europe

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Since the 12th century AD, kimkit oranges have been quite popular in China and cultivated in Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, and several Southeast Asian countries.

It was only in 1846 that kimkit began to be known by Europeans after being brought by collectors from London Horticultural Society.

Actually the English name kumquat comes from ‘gam gwat’.

This plant belongs to the flowering plant family that can grow to a height of 2.5-4.5 m and has branched and thorny stems.

The shape of the leaves is glossy green, the flowers are white like orange flowers in general.

Every year, each tree can produce thousands of fruit. The fruit also tends to have fewer seeds.

The skin is edible and has beneficial nutrients

Benefits of Kimkit Oranges, Fruits That Can Be Eaten with the Peel

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Kimkit oranges are fruits that contain a lot of vitamin C. Even the nutritional content of vitamin C in kimkit oranges can reach 14% of the daily requirement for vitamin C.

The fruit is tender and full of water. The taste of the fruit is fresh and also delicious to mix into a salad or dessert. As a cake decoration, kimkit also looks beautiful.

Not only the fruit, but the rind of kimkit oranges are commonly eaten because they don’t taste bitter like lemons or oranges in general.

The yellow or orange peel of kimkit orange is also rich in flavonoids which have been widely used in the pharmaceutical field.

Uniquely, the flavonoids in the skin of kimkit are still higher than the flesh of the fruit. Raw kimkit flavonoids are also higher than cooked ones.

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Often used for medicinal ingredients that have been scientifically proven

Benefits of Kimkit Oranges, Fruits That Can Be Eaten with the Peel

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Especially in the world of health, kimkit is used as a component of drugs for hyperglycemia, obesity, and hyperlipidemia.

In the trend of traditional Asian medicine, kimkit is used as a cough medicine, cold, and respiratory inflammation.

According to a report in the journal Bioscience, Biotechnology and Biochemistry (2015), kimkit can trigger the activation of cells natural killer (NK).

NK cells have an important role for defense and immunity to avoid infectious diseases.

As published by the journal Drug (2017), kimkit also has an antioxidant effect to prevent free radicals and premature aging.

The next benefit of kimkit orange is to reduce cholesterol levels because of the phytosterol content in it.

According to reports Biolife Journal (2015), kimkit has a hypocholesterolemic effect to minimize cholesterol and lipid absorption.

Helps maintain appearance and lose weight

Benefits of Fruit that can be eaten with the skin

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This small fruit is also important for being a dietary supplement as well as preventing obesity and disorders of the body’s metabolic processes.

The calories in it are only 71 cal per 100 grams. The content of 80% water and high fiber can make the stomach feel full longer.

Consumption of this fruit for a healthy snack will help you lose weight.

Isn’t this good for those who are on a diet program and improve their appearance?

Moreover, the content of vitamin C is also important for the production of collagen to control skin elasticity. Antioxidants can also ward off the bad effects of UV.

Thus the explanation of the kimkit fruit which has a lot of nutritional content that is beneficial for the health of the body. If you’ve tasted it, how do you like the taste?