4 Manfaat Baik Daun Sungkai, Dianggap Bisa Obati Covid-19?

Benefits of Sungkai Leaves – When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the whole world, including Indonesia, most of the people tried to find ways to overcome them.

Not a few of them choose alternative medicine, especially from natural plants to ward off the covid-19 virus from entering the body.

Some time ago, many people flocked to hunt for sungkai leaves because they were considered able to ward off the covid-19 virus.

Many people believe this assumption so that not a few of them are willing to look for sungkai leaves to remote areas.

However, it turns out that this assumption is not true. Apparently, this leaf can not overcome the covid-19 virus.

This is evidenced by none of the studies showing that this leaf is able to overcome the covid-19 virus.

Although it has not been proven to be able to overcome COVID-19, these leaves still have several important benefits, especially for the health of the body.

So for those of you who have already got this leaf, don’t throw it away. Because it can still be used for several other things.

Well, for those of you who don’t know what sungkai leaves are? And what are the benefits of this leaf? Come on, see the explanation below.

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Do you know what sungkai leaf is?

Sungkai leaf or sabrang teak (Peronema canescens Jack) is a native Indonesian plant that is commonly found in West Sumatra, Jambi, Bengkulu, South Sumatra, Lampung, West Java and throughout Kalimantan.

The initial function of this plant is as a living fence at the back of the house. So, many people plant this plant in their yard or yard.

The solid wood resembles teak wood, and the color is bright with stripes, it is often used as a raw material for making furniture and crafts.

Although it is not proven to be able to ward off and treat the covid-19 virus, the leaves have other benefits for the health of the body.

The leaves themselves are often used as traditional medicine for various diseases such as intestinal worms, colds, fever, mouthwash to prevent toothache, and even used as a bath mixture for women after giving birth.

So, what are the other benefits for the health of the body? Here are the benefits of sungkai leaves for body health that you need to know.

Benefits of sungkai leaves

1. As a mouthwash

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The first benefit is that it can help eliminate bad breath.

As we know that bad breath is a health problem that must be addressed immediately.

The reason is, when we are in public and cool to talk to someone, then we will feel insecure. This is because the unpleasant odor produced by the mouth can disturb other people, especially the person we are talking to.

Usually, bad breath is caused by an unsanitary lifestyle such as lazy brushing your teeth, bacteria that cause bad breath lodged in your mouth.

Not only that, lazy brushing your teeth can also cause cavities, which can also cause bad breath.

If you are one of the people who have problems with bad breath, you can use sungkai leaves as an alternative medicine. Because, this leaf is proven to be able to eliminate bad breath.

This is because these leaves contain antibacterial that can kill bacteria that cause bad breath.

A study from the Bandung College of Pharmacy showed that sungkai leaf extract has antibacterial activity against S. aureus and E. coli, both of which are the cause of various infectious diseases.

Not a few people from the Riau archipelago use this leaf as a traditional medicine to treat minor injuries.

How to use it as a mouthwash is boiled with clean water until it boils. Let stand until cool, then gargle-gargle 3 times a day.

2. Improve immunity

4 good benefits of sungkai leaves for health

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The benefits for the health of the body are then one of increasing immunity or immunity.

As we know, when our immunity is strong, it is difficult for various kinds of bacteria and viruses that cause disease to enter the body. So, the body will not get sick easily.

On the other hand, if our immunity is weak, various diseases will easily enter the body, such as flu, cough, fever, and so on.

Therefore, appropriate action is needed to improve the immune system or immune system, by eating nutritious food and exercising diligently.

Don’t forget to also take additional vitamins from medical drugs or natural remedies, one of which is by consuming sungkai leaves.

Because, this leaf is quite effective in increasing the body’s immunity.

This is due to the presence of several active substances such as peronemin, sitosterol, isopropanol, phytol, dipterpenoids, flavonoids in young sungkai leaves, which are allegedly able to help increase the number of leukocytes.

Leukocytes are cells that make up blood components, so with an increased content of white blood cells can help the body fight various infectious diseases, as part of the immune system.

This was also proven in a study that used young sungkai leaf extract at a dose of 0.5625 mg/Kg bw in mice as the object of research, which could increase the number of leukocytes by 36%.

As a comparison, they also gave immunos drugs as a comparison drug.

As a result, the young leaves increased more leukocytes than the immunos drug. So it can be concluded that young sungkai leaves are better in increasing the body’s immunity.

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3. As a malaria drug

4 good benefits of sungkai leaves for health

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Malaria is a disease caused by the Plasmodium parasite, which is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito.

This disease generally often attacks people living in tropical areas with forest environments that are still beautiful, one of which is Papua.

Malaria is a disease that is easily transmitted through mosquito bites. This disease can be fatal if not treated properly.

However, malaria can be cured through medical or alternative medicine.

One alternative treatment to cure malaria is to use sungkai leaves.

Sungkai leaves apparently have benefits for treating malaria. This is because this leaf has antipyretic properties that are useful for reducing fever or fever, which are included in the symptoms of malaria.

How to consume as a malaria drug is to take a few leaves of sungkai, then boil until boiling and the water is reduced. Then after cold, drink the water.

Drink boiled water regularly every day until the malaria is cured.

4. For women’s bathing materials

For women's maternity bath ingredients

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The last benefit is as a bath herb for women after childbirth.

Besides being able to be consumed, apparently the leaves can also be used as a bath herb, but only for women giving birth.

After giving birth, the muscles of the mother’s body experience tension.

Giving sungkai leaf concoction to women after giving birth is believed to be able to relax the muscles of the body.

The final word

Well, that’s some of the benefits of sungkai leaves for body health. If you want to be curious, you can try it.

But in portions that are not excessive, yes. Because these leaves also have side effects that are not good for health.