Mengenal 8 Manfaat Daun Ketapang untuk Kesehatan

Benefits of Ketapang Leaves In the past, before the development of the era and the advancement of technology, most people used plants as traditional medicine to cure various diseases.

Until now, not a few still believe that traditional medicine, especially from plants, is effective in eradicating diseases in the body.

There are many types of natural plants that can be used as a solution to overcome health problems.

Not infrequently, traditional medicines derived from these plants have extraordinary efficacy. In fact, several studies prove the truth.

These plants are usually processed in several ways such as boiled, ground, or even used as food that is ready to be consumed for sufferers of a disease.

One of the plants that can be used as traditional medicine because it has a myriad of benefits is ketapang leaves. Have you ever heard the name of the leaf?

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Get to know more about ketapang leaves

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Ketapang tree which has a Latin name terminalia catappa These turned out to be from India, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and Australia.

The tree height reaches 30-35 meters. Meanwhile, the size of the leaves can reach 24cm with a fairly rough texture and dark green color and looks shiny.

However, ketapang leaves can turn red or yellow when autumn arrives.

Ketapang leaves allegedly contain flavonoid compounds which we know that these compounds are able to provide protection to the body to avoid various diseases.

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The benefits of ketapang leaves for health

Get to know Ketapang Leaves and their Benefits for Health

(photo: istockphoto)

Initially, this leaf only has benefits for treating betta fish. Therefore, many ornamental fish breeders are hunting for this leaf.

This leaf is believed to be able to lower the pH level of the water so that it can prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria in the aquarium.

In addition, ketapang leaves can also overcome health problems on the skin of betta fish. So, if the fish is injured, it will recover quickly if treated with this leaf.

Not only able to treat betta fish, apparently ketapang leaves can also provide a myriad of good benefits for body health. Some of these benefits include:

1. Treat hepatitis

Hepatitis is a dangerous disease that if left unchecked will damage the liver of a sufferer.

Therefore, this disease must be addressed immediately so that there are no unwanted bad risks.

Ketapang leaves are considered capable of treating hepatitis. However, only fallen leaves can be used.

This is because the flavonoid content is more commonly found in the fallen leaves of ketapang, so it can be used as a hepatitis treatment.

2. Helps fight diabetes

Just like hepatitis, diabetes is also a dangerous disease and must be treated immediately. If not, there will be a risk of complications that can cost lives.

It is said that ketapang leaves can help fight diabetes by lowering blood sugar in the body.

However, it should be noted that there has been no further research on this matter. Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor first.

3. Relieves menstrual pain

Most women will feel menstrual pain in the waist, breasts, and abdomen. This condition occurs due to uterine contractions that are too strong so that the supply of oxygen to some muscles is cut off.

When menstrual pain strikes, of course it feels uncomfortable, even activities that must be done immediately become hampered. For that, the pain must be addressed immediately.

Ketapang leaves are said to be able to relieve menstrual pain. The trick, boil a few leaves of ketapang. Then, drink the boiled water regularly to get maximum results.

4. Overcome stomach ache

Have you ever had a sudden stomach ache? Stomach pain often makes us feel uncomfortable and has difficulty doing various activities.

You can treat stomach pain by taking traditional medicine, namely ketapang leaves. Ketapang leaves are considered to be able to overcome stomach pain, especially when there are problems with digestion.

In fact, the people of the Philippines have used ketapang leaves as traditional medicine since time immemorial.

They consider that consuming this leaf is very effective in dealing with stomach pain, especially if it is processed into juice.

5. Good for pregnant women

Pregnant women need adequate nutrition and vitamins so that the fetus in the womb grows and develops properly.

One of the vitamins that the fetus really needs is folic acid. As we know that this vitamin is useful for helping fetal brain development and DNA replication.

Ketapang leaves are believed to be able to meet the needs of folic acid in pregnant women. So, if consumed will provide benefits for the fetus it contains.

You can consume it by boiling it. Then, you can drink the boiled water regularly.

However, keep in mind that not all pregnant women can consume herbal ingredients. For that, you should first consult with your obstetrician to avoid unwanted bad risks.

6. Treating canker sores

Thrush is a health problem that occurs in the mouth due to a fungal infection called Canadida albicans.

This fungus causes white and red patches on the gums, mouth, tongue, and other parts of the mouth that are difficult to clean.

Canker sores that grow in the mouth and tongue often make us uncomfortable when eating and drinking. The pain also often makes us not appetite.

Therefore, thrush should be treated immediately so that it does not get worse and sick. Usually, people treat it using an antiseptic that is applied to the area affected by canker sores.

Ketapang leaves are also believed to cure canker sores. This is because these leaves contain antiseptics which are believed to be quite effective in healing canker sores.

7. Ward off cancer cells

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases. There are many types of cancer such as colon cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, pancreatic cancer, and so on.

Generally, these health problems occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Consuming alcohol and smoking are among the main causes.

Not a few cancer patients fail to fight these cells, so it spreads throughout the body quickly. As a result, they cannot survive.

Therefore, before this happens, it would be nice if cancer cells that have the potential to enter the body, we fight. One of them is by consuming herbal medicine, namely ketapang leaves.

This is because ketapang leaves have anticarcinogenic properties which are believed to be able to suppress the growth of cancer cells in the body.

8. Healthy bones

Bone is a very important part of the body to maintain its health so as not to cause problems such as osteoporosis, bone cancer, and other bone diseases.

Leaves contain antioxidant properties which in addition to being effective in counteracting free radicals, can also strengthen bones so as to avoid the problem of porous bones.

In addition, the anticlastogenic effect is also given by the content of active compounds in ketapang leaves.

The final word

Those are some of the miraculous benefits of ketapang leaves which are very good for the health of the body. You can use this leaf when you have the health problems described above.

However, if your health problem is serious enough, it is necessary to consult a health professional first.