8 Manfaat Begadang, Bisa Bikin Kamu Jadi Pintar

Staying up late is a habit of not sleeping at night but sleeping in the morning until noon. It could be said that staying up late turns day into night, night into day.

Most people must have never slept while doing something, whether doing school work, office work, or just playing online games.

Staying up late is actually a bad habit, because it can have a bad impact, especially for the health of the body such as the risk of anemia, obesity, diabetes, and other dangerous diseases.

Many think that staying up late has something to do with insomnia. In fact, the two are clearly very much different.

Insomnia is a disease that makes the sufferer unable to sleep at night. Usually, they don’t do it on purpose.

Meanwhile, staying up late is not a disease but a bad habit that is carried out continuously in a conscious state.

In addition, staying up late can also disrupt sleep quality. Thus, sleep time is reduced, which in turn can cause adverse effects on health.

However, behind the bad effects, apparently there are still good benefits that can be obtained
You get from staying up late, which is being able to complete a lot of work in just one night.

So it’s not surprising that many people are willing to work overtime and stay up late just to finish their work on time.

Not only that, there are still many benefits of staying up late that are still unknown to many people. What are the benefits like?

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1. Become smarter

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The first benefit of staying up late is that it can make you smarter. However, being smart is not because you stay up late, but because of the activities you do when you sleep late.

One example, suppose you do homework or study in the middle of the night to force you to sleep late, then you are likely to be smarter.

Because the knowledge you learn late at night, can enter your brain and mind.

However, if you stay up late without doing anything useful, you can be sure you won’t get any good benefits.

It can be concluded that staying up late can make a person smarter, as long as the activities carried out while staying up late have an important meaning.

For that, if you like staying up late, then fill it with positive activities. As did the great figures Albert Einstein, Bung Karno, and other important figures, they stayed up late to seek new knowledge.

2. Find a brilliant idea

8 Benefits of staying up late, can make you smart

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Most people often find it difficult to find bright ideas during the day. As a result, they prefer to look for it at night, especially late at night, by staying up late.

This is because, staying up late can actually bring up bright and creative ideas.

This is evidenced by the existence of a study which states that night workers are superior in providing bright ideas than those who work in the morning or afternoon.

If you are someone who has a hard time finding brilliant ideas, then try to find them by staying up late.

However, don’t do it every day. Only do it when you need a bright idea.

3. Become more alert

Be more alert

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Who says staying up late can make people lose focus? In fact, the habit of sleeping late at night can provide good benefits, namely being more alert.

This is confirmed by the results of a study which says that someone who sleeps late at night has a very high level of alertness than those who go to bed earlier at night.

However, it should be noted that you should get enough sleep every day. If not, then the condition of the body will decline and have a bad impact on health.

4. Increase stamina

Increase stamina

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Many people think that staying up late can make the body weak without stamina.

This is because sleeping late at night can have a negative impact on health, one of which is anemia which causes the body to become weak.

Apparently, this assumption is not entirely true. Because staying up late also provides benefits, namely helping to increase stamina.

According to a study, the stamina of a person who often stays up late will increase and peak at night.

As for those who go to bed early and wake up in the morning, their strength will remain stable throughout the day.

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5. Keep Emotions

Keeping Emotions

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Emotions can be the pinnacle of destruction. The reason is, when a person cannot control his emotions, his mind will be driven to do bad things to other people, either consciously or not.

Emotions can be caused by several things, one of which is stress. When you feel tired with all the busy activities, it will increase the risk of stress.

Those feelings will turn into excessive emotions if not treated immediately.

A study revealed that staying up late can relieve stress. Thus, emotions become more awake.

6. Improve concentration

8 Benefits of staying up late, can make you smart

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Most people have difficulty concentrating in the morning or afternoon. Because, at that time a lot of activities were carried out by the people around that caused a commotion.

As a result, not a few of them try to increase concentration at night by staying up late.

Turns out, it works. This is because staying up late can make a person more focused on the activity that is being carried out.

So don’t be surprised if many people, especially students, do schoolwork at night.

7. Eliminate depression

8 Benefits of staying up late, can make you smart

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Depression is a sign of a mental disorder characterized by feelings of sadness, confusion, emotion, and a bad mood.

Usually, these feelings occur continuously every day. If not treated immediately, it can lead to more severe mental illness.

Sleeping late at night is said to be able to help relieve depression. This is evidenced by the existence of a study which revealed that staying up late can improve mood for the better, so that depression can be avoided.

serotonin aka happy hormone in the blood will increase at night. So, when you stay up late it will cause a good mood in the morning.

8. Be calmer in the morning

8 Benefits of staying up late, can make you smart

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The last benefit of staying up late is that it makes the mind and feeling calmer in the morning.

A study revealed that someone who sleeps late at night tends to have lower cortisol levels in the morning.

As we know that cortisol is a stress trigger. So, if the levels are reduced, then the risk of stress also decreases.

The final word

Thus the benefits of staying up late are still not widely known. To get the benefits, you should do the right sleep cycle.

Try to stay awake for a full night. The next day, don’t sleep first. Wait until night falls. Then, you can sleep faster at night. So, when you wake up tomorrow, your body and mind will feel refreshed again.

However, keep in mind, you should not sleep late at night if there are no important activities that must be done and completed quickly. Don’t waste your sleep if you don’t need it.