Menggoyang Lidah, Ini 6 Makanan Khas Lebaran Berbagai Negara

Soon, Eid al-Fitr or Lebaran will arrive, and Muslims around the world celebrate it with great joy.

Of course, various preparations will be made to welcome the holiday. One thing that should not be missed is the appetizing dish.

Not only in Indonesia, in various other countries also serve their special food during Eid. And each country certainly has its own special dish.

Reported from Culture Triphere are some typical Eid foods from various countries that you can try at home.

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1. Chicken Bastila – Morocco

(photo: instagram/essaveursdemeriem)

Chicken Bastila or Chicken Bastila is a favorite food for Moroccans during Eid. The bread itself is similar to pie and added with chicken.

It tastes very delicious and is rich in spices such as turmeric, cinnamon powder, pepper and ginger. After the Bastila is cooked, then sprinkle with cinnamon powder or powdered sugar.

2. Aseeda – Yemen

Eid special food that shakes the tongue from various countries

(photo: instagram/hudarajab)

Aseed can also be known Aseed is a type of dessert that can also be found in Saudi Arabia, Libya and Sudan.

Aseeda is made from honey and wheat which is healthy and gives energy to the body. This dish is usually enjoyed by traditional people.

As for a more delicious taste, Aseeda can be enjoyed while warm.

3. Manti – Russia

Eid special food that shakes the tongue from various countries

(photo: instagram/fitchihouse)

Russia is also a country that celebrates Eid with a delicious dish. And usually the dish that must be present during Eid in this country is Manti.

From its shape, it is very similar to dumplings, except that the filling is not chicken but lamb or beef that has been given some spices. It is savory and delicious, just like dumplings.

But the Manti recipe also differs from region to region in Russia. So it could be that the resulting taste is also different depending on the recipe used.

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4. Bolani – Afghanistan

Eid special food that shakes the tongue from various countries

(photo: instagram/aurigakitchenkabul)

In Afghanistan, Eid celebrations are usually aimed at children. Because there will be many festivals during Eid especially for children.

As for the typical food that must be present, namely Bolani. It is one of the most popular foods because all ages love it, from children to the elderly.

Bolani is toasted bread stuffed with green vegetables and sometimes nuts, yogurt and potatoes are also added.

5. La Mian – China

Eid special food that shakes the tongue from various countries

(photo: instagram/imperialshanghaiid)

La Mian is a favorite Eid al-Fitr food in China because it tastes super delicious and will make anyone who tries it want to add more and more.

The shape is like noodles and the main ingredient for its manufacture is wheat flour which is made into dough. After that, it is shaped into long lengths and drenched in spicy sauce with tofu and meat added.

6. Rendang – Indonesia

Eid special food that shakes the tongue from various countries

(photo: instagram/rendangdensuko)

And the last one comes from Indonesia, especially if it’s not rendang. Actually, in Indonesia itself, there are many special foods to serve during Eid, such as chicken opor, beef stew, vegetable ketupat, rendang and others.

Rendang is a favorite of many people because it tastes delicious and has even been the most delicious food in the world!

Made from beef, coconut milk and various other spices. The process of making rendang is indeed long but the feeling of tiredness when making it is guaranteed to pay off after being able to enjoy your own rendang.

Those are some typical Eid foods from various countries. You can try to cook these foods for dishes during Eid later. Which country’s specialties would you choose?