Saat Sahur Hindari Makanan & Minuman Ini Karena Bikin Cepat Lapar

At dawn, of course, you have to pay more attention to the food and drinks you consume. It is recommended that you eat foods that can make you full longer.

But unfortunately because of an uncontrolled diet, it often makes you eat anything that looks delicious that is not necessarily healthy.

There are even some foods and drinks that make you feel hungry faster. Yup, this is because one of the reasons is because foods that contain lots of sugar are digested faster so that hunger can appear easily.

Let’s find out what foods and drinks make you hungry faster, as reported by Health News.

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1. Foods with MSG

(photo credit: unsplash/mashkov)

MSG or monosodium glutamate is commonly found in food seasonings, processed meats, soups, fast food, snacks and various other foods.

In addition to making food taste more delicious, MSG will also make you hungry quickly because it increases appetite.

We recommend that when processing food avoid using too much MSG or if you want to order food, ask not to use MSG.

2. Foods that contain a lot of sugar

These Foods and Drinks Make You Hungry Fast!  Anything?

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Desserts usually do contain sugar. Many people think that desserts such as donuts, cakes, pies and muffins are very healthy even though they contain a lot of sugar.

Because it contains high sugar, the dessert will quickly break down in the body as glucose. This causes the body to release more insulin.

When too much insulin enters the cells in the body, it causes low blood sugar.

The occurrence of low blood sugar, will make hunger come faster after eating desserts that contain a lot of sugar.

3. Chips and pretzels

These Foods and Drinks Make You Hungry Fast!  Anything?

(photo: unsplash/wesual)

Snacks such as chips and pretzels contain sodium which can trigger dehydration. Many people think that they are very hungry, when in fact they are thirsty.

Empty calories are also contained in these two snacks. Not only that, the content of vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber in chips and pretzels is also low so they don’t make you full longer.

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4. Fruit juice

These Foods and Drinks Make You Hungry Fast!  Anything?

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When breaking the fast, one of the most popular drinks because it is healthy and refreshing is fruit juice.

Although fruit contains many vitamins and other important nutrients, unfortunately, fruit juices are also quite high in sugar content.

In addition, there is no fat and protein that can slow the absorption of sugar into the blood. That’s why fruit juice makes blood sugar rise quickly and decrease quickly.

With the rapid decrease in blood sugar, the hunger will attack faster too.

5. Yogurt

These Foods and Drinks Make You Hungry Fast!  Anything?

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Who doesn’t love yogurt? Its fresh taste and excellent benefits for digestion make many people like it.

But unfortunately yogurt contains a lot of sugar. If you really like yogurt, you can add a few pieces of fresh fruit to it so that the vitamins in yogurt also increase.

6. White pasta

These Foods and Drinks Make You Hungry Fast!  Anything?

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White pasta made from flour does not contain many vitamins, minerals and fiber that the body needs.

The effect that can be caused by consuming white pasta is that the body feels hungry faster. Even if you order it at a restaurant, more sugar may be added to the pasta.

In order to avoid excessive hunger you must consume healthy foods and drinks. Do not forget also not to eat too many foods and drinks that make you hungry quickly.