Maag Saat Puasa? Kamu Bisa Atasi dengan 5 Cara Ini

One of the problems that is often experienced by many people when fasting is experiencing ulcers or stomach ulcers.

This ulcer occurs due to symptoms of a disease that attacks your stomach. In addition, the feeling of heartburn, pain, and stinging that occurs in the stomach is caused by an injury or inflammation in the stomach.

Some people are used to fasting and can live it smoothly, but what about those who have stomach ulcers? Of course, an ulcer will be a scary thing if it recurs during fasting.

So how to deal with ulcers during fasting? You will find out several ways that can be done to overcome ulcer disease that is reported from Star.

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1. Don’t delay iftar

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Due to very busy activities, many people delay breaking the fast in order to finish their activities or work first. Though this is what can trigger the occurrence of ulcers during fasting.

Especially for those of you who suffer from heartburn, delaying iftar is not recommended. This occurs due to the condition of an empty stomach and eventually causes the ulcer to get worse.

Therefore, it is very important to break the fast on time. But if you are on a trip, don’t forget to always bring snacks and water just in case so that the ulcer does not recur.

2. Don’t force fasting

Stomach While Fasting?  Overcome this way

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If the ulcer you experience makes you feel unable to undergo fasting, then don’t force it to fast.

Because when you force yourself to fast, it will only make the ulcer worse. Islam also doesn’t force fasting if you can’t afford it.

3. Eating sahur is very mandatory

Stomach While Fasting?  Overcome this way

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For people with heartburn, eating on time is mandatory, especially at dawn. There are also people who skip sahur because they think that it is not even strong enough to fast.

In fact, if this is done continuously, it will only increase the risk of heartburn.

Therefore, while fasting, don’t forget to eat at dawn. For those of you who have ulcer disease, during sahur it is also recommended to take ulcer medicine so that when fasting the ulcer does not recur.

Usually the ulcer will recur at lunch time, which is 10:00 to 14:00.

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4. Don’t approach the trigger of heartburn

Stomach While Fasting?  Overcome this way

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When fasting, we usually want food or drinks that are tantalizing and also refreshing. You have to be careful, because not all foods and drinks that look tempting are healthy.

Especially if you have stomach ulcers, of course you have to really choose what foods and drinks are consumed both when breaking the fast or at dawn.

There are various triggers for heartburn that you need to avoid, namely coffee, soft drinks, spicy foods, acidic and fatty foods and drinks.

These foods and drinks will only make the body lack fluids or dehydration and can even trigger an increase in stomach acid.

5. Eating good food for ulcer sufferers

Stomach While Fasting?  Overcome this way

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Eat foods that contain carbohydrates, fiber and protein because they are digested more slowly so they can withstand hunger longer.

Do not eat too many foods and drinks that contain sugar. Foods that are good for fasting include dates, almonds, vegetables and fruits such as watermelon, bananas, cucumbers and others.

So that heartburn does not recur while fasting, don’t forget to break the fast and sahur on time and avoid foods and drinks that are harmful to the stomach.