Kurangi Marah-Marah, Ini 7 Efek Buruk Akibat Sering Meluapkan Emosi

Did you know that the disease that appears there are various causes? Starting from the food consumed, lifestyle and even from behavior you know.

If your behavior likes to be angry, it will certainly be very bad for your health. Because various risks of disease can come.

For those of you who like to be angry, often vent emotions, shout and so on, you should reduce it now to avoid the 7 bad effects that are reported from Daily Health the following.

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1. The risk of heart attack is greater

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The first bad effect is the risk of a heart attack becomes greater. Because about 2 hours after emotions peak, the risk of a heart attack becomes two times greater.

Retaining anger and then venting it indirectly this will be very related to your heart health.

The facts reveal that someone who is often angry will be more likely to have a heart attack when compared to someone who is rarely angry.

2. Increase the risk of stroke

Reduce Anger Right Now To Avoid These 7 Bad Effects!

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If you express anger by hitting, be careful because the risk of stroke becomes greater.

Research shows that two hours after hitting, three times more risk of developing a blood clot to the brain or bleeding in the brain.

As for people who had an aneurysm in one of the arteries of the brain, the risk of stroke was six times higher.

3. Weakens the immune system

Reduce Anger Right Now To Avoid These 7 Bad Effects!

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The next impact is the immune system or the immune system will also weaken. A weak immune system will make it easier for you to get various diseases.

Healthy people tend to have positive thoughts so that their immune system also increases.

4. Easily anxious

Reduce Anger Right Now To Avoid These 7 Bad Effects!

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People who are irritable are usually also easier to feel anxious, you know. Because anger and anxiety ‘walk’ side by side.

A study published in the journal Cognitive Behavior Therapy in 2012, researchers found that emotions can exacerbate symptoms of generalized anxiety.

What exactly are the symptoms of generalized anxiety? A condition that can be characterized by excessive and uncontrollable worry so that it will greatly interfere with the daily activities of the person experiencing it.

It’s not just anger that can be expressed, because pent-up anger can also cause these symptoms of generalized anxiety.

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5. Depression

Reduce Anger Right Now To Avoid These 7 Bad Effects!

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Anger is indeed very disturbing mental health and also triggers the arrival of various other diseases, including depression.

Yes, depression will appear more easily in someone who is easily angry or stressed because their mind is constantly filled with bad or negative things.

Long-term uncontrollable emotions will really allow you to experience depression and to recover from it you also need help from a psychologist.

6. Can’t enjoy life

Reduce Anger Right Now To Avoid These 7 Bad Effects!

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You only live once and you should enjoy it. One way to enjoy life is to think positively.

Someone who thinks positively will certainly find it easier to control emotions.

Imagine if you are filled with negative thoughts, surely your life cannot be enjoyed and put to good use.

7. Shorten your life

Reduce Anger Right Now To Avoid These 7 Bad Effects!

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As discussed earlier that excessive emotions will bring various diseases because the immune system becomes weak.

That’s why someone who can control his emotions tends to have a longer life. This happens because people who suppress emotions are less susceptible to various diseases.

Now you know that being angry is not good for health. Let’s start now to control emotions well to avoid various bad effects as above.