Ketahui 7 Tanda Sedang Menjalin Rebound Relationship

Relationships should be based on love and affection between partners.

If both of them have mutual love and love for each other, surely the relationship will last a long time and can move to a more serious level, such as marriage.

Unfortunately, relationships can also end because of various problems that require the relationship to no longer exist.

When a relationship ends, of course, someone needs time to be able to start a new relationship and with someone new too.

This new relationship can also be well established as long as it is done move from a previous relationship.

So, what if you haven’t? move but already in a relationship? That’s what is called rebound relationship.

rebound relationship Of course, it is not a healthy relationship because the relationship is formed as a result of such a great sense of vent and will certainly cause heartache.

There are 7 signs rebound relationshiplet’s just look at what the signs are.

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1. Relationships are established quickly

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Usually, to be in a relationship again after breaking up, it certainly takes time move and introspection.

But after breaking up, they immediately started a new relationship, is it natural? Of course you need to ask.

One of the signs of rebound relationship the most visible is too soon to establish a new relationship. If your partner is like this, you should be careful.

2. Lack of understanding

Know 7 Signs You're Having a Rebound Relationship, So You Don't Get Hurt!

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Actually, in a relationship, there must be a partner’s attitude that makes you uncomfortable, one of which is a lack of understanding.

Lack of understanding can happen because he thinks you are less trustworthy or even still traumatized by your previous relationship.

Though understanding is one sign of a relationship that can go better.

3. Make a new relationship so your ex is jealous

Know 7 Signs You're Having a Rebound Relationship, So You Don't Get Hurt!

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Because the previous relationship ended badly and a feeling of revenge arose, so a new relationship was established with the hope that the ex was jealous.

Of course this is not a good decision, because it will only be bad for yourself and the new relationship.

A vengeful person will always find a way to make someone feel hurt. And if it gets worse, bad things can happen.

4. No commitment

Know 7 Signs You're In a Rebound Relationship, So You Don't Get Hurt!

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As it is known that commitment is very important for a relationship, be it friendship or love.

Commitment must be established between the two so that the relationship can run well and last.

The absence of commitment in the relationship indicates that he is not serious with you and only in a relationship without seriousness.

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5. Interested only because of the physical

Know 7 Signs You're Having a Rebound Relationship, So You Don't Get Hurt!

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If your partner only likes you because of your physical appearance, then be careful because he could only be attracted to you physically.

Physical is only temporary, because it can age with age. Therefore interested because the heart will certainly be much better than the physical alone.

6. Often talk about ex

Often talk about ex

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Of course, he is annoyed and jealous if he often talks about his ex. How not, you and he are now in a relationship and shouldn’t talk about your ex anymore, right?

The biggest reason he often talks about his ex is because he can’t yet move.

If he often talks about his ex, try asking if he actually has move or not yet.

7. Temporary happiness

Happy while

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And the last sign is that happiness is only temporary. This happens because he has not been able to forget his ex and the relationship with you is just an outlet.

Maybe at the beginning of the relationship there must be great happiness, but after a while in the relationship his genuine attitude will definitely show.

Those are 7 signs that you are in a relationship bouncing. If the 7 signs above appear, try discussing it with him about the continuation of your relationship.