Kaya Akan Manfaat, Inilah 10 Kegunaan Daun Spearmint

Flavor mint leaves usually often found in candy. The distinctive aroma of course makes the throat more freshespecially candy mint leaves also able to overcome bad breath.

But nowadays, menthol or mint flavors can be found anywhere. Try it, if you go to the supermarket, you must have seen leaves mint leavesPossible?

But, you know what? turns out to be a leaf mint leaves have a lot of variety, lol! One of the popular ones is spearmint leaf. Leaf type mint leaves this one is usually used for the manufacture of toothpaste, medicines to cosmetics.

So, what are the benefits of spearmint leaves in everyday life?

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1. Reduce digestive problems

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Digestive problems can affect anyone. But generally, teenagers to early adulthood often complain of digestive problems.

For those who have digestive problems, try consuming spearmint leaves. The reason is, this leaf acts as an active ingredient that helps reduce digestive tract disorders.

The trick, put a few spearmint leaves into warm tea. then, let stand a few minutes and strain.

Do not forget! Before consumption, add a little honey so that the aroma is more fragrant.

2. Medicine for headaches

Rich in Benefits, Here's a Row of Spearmint Leaf Functions.  Interested in trying?

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It is undeniable, headaches can come and attack anyone. Usually, the condition gets worse if you experience stress and even excessive anxiety.

To relieve it, try drinking warm tea mixed with spearmint leaves. Before drinking, it is recommended to sip the tea mixture.

In addition to providing calm, the goal is of course to give a sense of comfort to the head area.

3. Have a bad breath problem? Try regularly consuming spearmint leaves

Rich in Benefits, Here's a Row of Spearmint Leaf Functions.  Interested in trying?

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Bad breath certainly makes you feel insecure. For this reason, many products have been issued to solve this problem.

However, there is good news for those with bad breath. Yes, you are advised to eat some spearmint leaves to make the mouth area more fresh.

No need to worry! Because, leaves mint leaves It has been proven safe for consumption without being accompanied by other snacks.

4. Can be used for therapy for healthy teeth

Rich in Benefits, Here's a Row of Spearmint Leaf Functions.  Interested in trying?

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Have you ever wondered why mint leaves are used as a mouthwash? Yes! Mint leaves contain menthol and antiseptic, so it is effective in killing germs and even keeps the mouth smelling good.

No wonder, mouthwash even this paste contains mint leavescan make teeth look whiter and much healthier.

5. Trust me! This leaf can provide a relaxing effect, thus keeping away from stress

Rich in Benefits, Here's a Row of Spearmint Leaf Functions.  Interested in trying?

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You could say spearmint leaves are a cure for all drugs. Do not believe? If you have a lot on your mind and it ends up being stressful, try consuming it.

In addition to treating headaches due to tense muscles, the content is considered effective in relieving stress. Inhaling the aroma is believed to have a relaxing effect, you know!

If you don’t have free time, try consuming the leaves directly.

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6. It is warm, effective in relieving cramps due to menstruation

Rich in Benefits, Here's a Row of Spearmint Leaf Functions.  Interested in trying?

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Generally, during menstruation, women often feel pain and even cramps. Now to relieve it, you can apply a decoction of spearmint leaves to the cramped area.

If you don’t have the time, try another alternative by applying an oil containing mint leaves.

7. As a skin exfoliant

Rich in Benefits, Here's a Row of Spearmint Leaf Functions.  Interested in trying?

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Dead skin cells need to be removed so that the skin continues to regenerate. For this reason, the skin must be exfoliated.

In this case, you can use spearmint leaves, you know! The method is fairly easy. You just need to mash the leaves until smooth, then mix it with a few drops of olive oil and salt water to taste.

To note, the leaf flakes can remove dead skin cells, so that facial skin feels smooth and soft without leaving scars.

8. Also serves to improve memory

Also serves to improve memory

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Spearmint leaves have a healthy menthol aroma. But who would have thought, it turns out that this type of leaf is also able to increase energy as well as memory! There have been many studies that prove the benefits of this one.

9. Able to overcome acne problems

Able to overcome acne problems

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Acne and blackheads are common problems that are often felt. No wonder, many beauty products that offer anti-acne drugs.

But instead of using chemicals, try making a natural mask using spearmint leaves.

In addition to refreshing facial skin, the warm sensation gives a touch to nourish the skin. Moreover, mint leaves are believed to be effective in dealing with acne.

10. Effective in maintaining healthy hair

Great for maintaining healthy hair

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Do you have problems with hair loss, dandruff and branching? Try to overcome it with spearmint leaf preparations.

The trick, soak the leaves and let stand for about a week. In order not to mix with the outside air, put the decoction of the leaves into the bottle. After that, you can use it as conditioner.

Don’t forget to use it regularly for maximum results.