Kamu Punya Trauma? Ini 5 Tips Cara Mengatasinya

Some people experience trauma in their life. This trauma is caused by various things in their past.

Trauma does tend to be more in a negative direction, because a person has experienced an unpleasant event so that his life will be haunted by fear.

For those of you who have trauma, let’s take a look at how to deal with it as reported by Help Guide.

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1. Tell stories and make friends

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Keeping the trauma alone will only make you more afraid to get up and as if carrying the burden yourself.

Try to share stories with those closest to you. This will help you lessen the burden of fear because you have told other people and your heart will also be more relaxed.

Spend more time with people close to you or fill your time with more useful activities. As much as possible not alone because it can make you protracted in the trauma.

In addition to the two methods above, you can also try other methods such as joining a community, traveling with family or friends, asking for support from the closest people, participating in social activities and so on.

Isn’t life more meaningful if you have friends and exchange stories with them?

2. Pour out your heart through writing

Do you have trauma?  Let's Know How To Overcome It

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If you are someone who can’t believe it right away and can tell trauma to others, try to pour your heart out through writing.

By pouring your heart out regularly by writing, the longer you feel, the more relieved and comfortable you will feel.

Writing is also one of the therapies that you can take to be able to overcome trauma slowly.

At first you may feel uncomfortable and have trouble writing, but believe me, over time you will get used to it and be more relaxed of course.

3. Calm down

Do you have trauma?  Let's Know How To Overcome It

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Anxiety, fear, worry and even stress are common things you experience when you feel traumatized. Even so, you should still try to stay calm.

Calming yourself is not only useful to relieve trauma, but also can control uncontrolled emotions.

How to calm yourself down? First, you can practice breathing like taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly.

Second, you can try to see beautiful scenery that refreshes the eyes, play with pets, or listen to music.

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4. Facing the fear

Do you have trauma?  Let's Know How To Overcome It

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This method is certainly not easy to do, but to overcome fear then this method can be the best way.

Face the fear with courage and trust that everything will be okay. Repeat this method several times and gradually, you will feel better than before.

When trying this method, the most important thing is that you have to think that in order to restore the quality of life, that fear must be faced.

5. Take care of your health

Do you have trauma?  Let's Know How To Overcome It

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Did you know that having a healthy body can help you deal with trauma better? Therefore it is very important to maintain health.

Start small, like getting enough sleep for 7 to 8 hours a day. Because lack of sleep will only exacerbate the trauma and can certainly interfere with your daily activities.

After that, start eating healthy foods, eat more fruits and vegetables, don’t forget to consume enough water.

Avoid bad habits for health such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Exercise regularly at least 3 times a week.

Those are some ways you can use to deal with trauma. Trauma will gradually improve if you routinely do these 5 ways, good luck!