Jarang Diketahui, Ini 5 Manfaat Vitamin E untuk Kecantikan Wanita

It turns out that not only vitamin C has a role and benefits for positive skin in the facial area, it turns out that vitamin E can also help in the process of handling facial skin.

This is because vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant to scavenge free radicals, the initial cause of which is pollution and sun exposure.

If you are curious about where the source of vitamin E comes from, the answer is that the source of vitamin E is the most and of course the content is good, it is in the serum in the form of oil or emulsion during the day.

Because, at night vitamin E is not suitable for use because it is too occlusive. And when applied tropically, vitamin E is capable of moisturizing and has been shown to strengthen the scalp barrier.

Of course, the benefits are not just that, let’s look at the other benefits of vitamin E below.

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1. Improve skin

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The benefits of vitamin E are not small for the skin, the benefits can be to reduce inflammation, help the formation of collagen, thereby increasing skin moisture and elasticity.

This is because vitamin E is consumed, absorbed by the epidermis layer of the skin, and is used to repair damaged skin.

So, you can get a healthier and more youthful skin condition. Its antioxidant properties also help to accelerate skin regeneration, prevent skin damage, and prevent skin from cancer.

2. Thicken hair

5 Secrets of Vitamin E for Beauty

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The antioxidant properties present in vitamin E can help to improve blood circulation to all parts of the head to the coconut skin.

Therefore, vitamin E is able to provide stimulation or stimulation so that hair grows faster, improves the structure of the hair, and prevents hair loss.

Not only that, if you are diligent in consuming vitamin E, hair tissue can also be repaired, so that the condition of the hair becomes more shiny and healthy.

3. Balance hormones

5 Secrets of Vitamin E for Beauty

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Hormonal imbalance in the body, it can affect a person’s physical and psychological condition.

For example, when women are menstruating, some women will experience stomach cramps, breast pain, and mood swings and instability.

Of course, you can still avoid some of these effects by eating foods that contain vitamin E such as vegetables and fruit.

The reason is because vitamin E is believed to be able to maintain the balance of the endocrine and nervous systems which are able to balance the hormonal system in the body.

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4. Maintain physical endurance

5 Secrets of Vitamin E for Beauty

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Vitamin E also has benefits for increasing physical endurance, besides that vitamin E is also able to increase energy and reduce stress levels in muscles, after exercise.

Another benefit that can be felt is that vitamin E can also improve blood circulation, strengthen blood capillary walls, and nourish muscle cells, so that muscle strength is maintained.

5. Extends cell life

5 Secrets of Vitamin E for Beauty

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Like a car engine that can rust, it turns out that the body can also experience premature aging caused by damage to cells due to free radicals.

Where the effect is, the body’s cells are destroyed and trigger the emergence of various diseases such as heart, kidney, diabetes and even cancer.

And the presence of vitamin E which is an antioxidant, has a function to help maintain and protect cell damage, due to free radicals.

Vitamin E is able to inhibit the aging process of body cells, so you can continue to look young and fit.

That’s the benefit of vitamin E for your beauty, let’s take vitamin E more regularly.