Jarang Diketahui, 5 Fungsi Moisturizer untuk Kulit

Skin is very important to be cared for so that its health and beauty is maintained.

In addition, the skin is also prone to various kinds of problems, such as acne, wrinkles, dry skin and so on.

Therefore the use of skin care very important. Skin care This is one way you can take care of your skin. There are so many types skin care, one of the most important is moisturizer.

Many people think that moisturizer only used for dry skin because it functions to moisturize, even though someone with oily skin also needs it moisturizer.

Actually there are many functions moisturizer for the skin, what is it? Let’s look at the following 5 functions.

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1. Moisturizer

(photo: pixabay/guvo59)

As previously explained, the main function of moisturizer is as a moisturizer for dry skin.

Dry skin will definitely feel uncomfortable, it can even make the skin peel, so use it moisturizer highly recommended in order to prevent and treat dry skin.

Not only dry skin, oily and acne prone skin also needs moisturizer.

But not all moisturizer Suitable for all skin types. Before using it, you must first know moisturizer which one suits your skin type.

In addition, for dry skin use moisturizer creamy texture and for oily skin can use moisturizer lotion texture.

2. Disguise black spots on the face

Amazing!  It turns out that these are 5 functions of a moisturizer for skin that are rarely known

(photo credit: pixabay/ablz96)

black spot or black spots on the face is very disturbing appearance. These black spots can be caused by acne scars, signs of aging or the sun’s rays hitting the face continuously.

moisturizer contains a variety of effective ingredients to disguise and overcome black spots so that the skin will look smoother without any blemishes.

3. Ageless

Amazing!  It turns out that these are 5 functions of a moisturizer for skin that are rarely known

(photo credit: pexels/shinydiamond)

Who doesn’t want to look young forever? There are many ways you can do to stay young, such as regular exercise, eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep.

In addition, don’t forget to use moisturizer which can moisturize the skin so that signs of aging such as fine lines can be slowed down.

As is known, fine lines and wrinkles will appear more quickly in dry skin types compared to oily or normal skin.

But if there are signs of aging on your face, you should be able to use it moisturizer which contains anti aging.

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4. Make skin healthier

Make skin healthier

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Healthy skin can be known from the level of moisture, the number of pimples and also the number of dark dot in the face.

By using moisturizer regularly will make your face healthier, supple and glow because dry skin will be filled with moisture with moisturizer this.

But keep in mind, if you use moisturizer in the morning use it too sunscreen so that the sun does not damage the skin.

5. Soothes sensitive skin

Soothes sensitive skin

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Sensitive skin will feel itchy, cause redness and even irritation. This sensitive skin must be treated properly so as not to aggravate the condition.

moisturizer with its content that can soothe the skin will overcome sensitive skin if you use it regularly every day.

Use it moisturizer twice a day, every morning and evening. You can apply moisturizer after face use essence or serums. In order to keep your skin healthy, don’t forget to also maintain a regular diet and exercise.

That’s 5 functions moisturizer that you already know. There are so many benefits, so from now on don’t pass moisturizer From skin care routine you.