Jangan Sedih! Ketahui 5 Cara Menghadapi Mertua yang Galak

For those of you who are currently planning to get married, surely you know that marriage is not just uniting two hearts. Because there are many hearts that must be united, for example between you and your in-laws.

Many people think that mother-in-law’s love is different from parental love. Especially if you decide to live with fierce in-laws.

It feels sad and confused about how to deal with it. There are several ways you can do to deal with it.

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1. Listen more

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When you often listen to in-laws who are often angry, you must feel sorry and upset yourself. But actually getting angry and upset will only make your feelings worse.

Try to listen more to what the in-laws have to say. Because you could have made a mistake and your in-laws are trying to advise you.

2. Let them vent

Do not be sad!  Find out how to deal with a fierce mother-in-law here

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Have you ever seen someone take their anger out on another person even though that person is innocent? Well, who knows your in-laws also do that.

It could be that there is a problem that is being faced by the in-laws and he is difficult to deal with, so you take it out on you. If this happens, try to let him vent and remain calm.

3. Control yourself

Do not be sad!  Find out how to deal with a fierce mother-in-law here

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The atmosphere will certainly heat up if you can’t control yourself or your emotions. You certainly know that fire that is fought with fire will have a very bad impact?

That’s why you should be able to control yourself more so that your relationship with your in-laws doesn’t get worse. Remember that too much emotion will only cost you.

Have you ever seen someone who was controlled by emotions for a moment, then did what he wanted to release those emotions and ended up regretting it?

Of course you don’t want that to happen, right? So try to control yourself.

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4. Calm their worries

Do not be sad!  Find out how to deal with a fierce mother-in-law here

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If your in-laws often scold you because they are too worried about what is happening to your household, try to explain and calm their worries.

Of course, every parent wants the best for their children. But unfortunately because they always have an excessive sense of worry, sometimes they can be excessive and a little ‘fierce’ to their daughter-in-law.

You have to convince your in-laws that what you are doing or what problems are being faced by your household can indeed be handled properly, so that the in-laws will reduce their excessive worry.

5. Don’t panic

Do not be sad!  Find out how to deal with a fierce mother-in-law here

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Because the attitude of the in-laws who can sometimes be loud, angry, yell or something else can make you feel impatient and tired. Conditions like this can often make you cry.

It’s okay to cry but avoid prolonged sadness. Don’t forget to avoid panic too much. Panic will only make you unable to think clearly.

If you feel like getting angry and tired of everything, try to meditate and think about good things.

Those are some ways you can try to deal with fierce in-laws. So what you need to remember well is not to let emotions overwhelm you and avoid fighting fire with fire, because it will only make things worse for you.

Good luck trying the methods above, rest assured that human attitudes can change and face your parents-in-law’s attitude patiently.