Jangan Sedih, 7 Cara ini Akan Mengatasi Rasa Kesepianmu

Have you ever felt lonely? Yes, this feeling of loneliness is not only felt by some people, you know. In fact, it is certain that everyone has experienced it.

This loneliness usually comes when you have problems and there is no one to help or you feel confused about who to tell about the problems you are currently facing.

There are some people who think that feeling pain is not a serious problem, even though if it is allowed to drag on, the impact will be very dangerous for the body and mentally.

Therefore, when you feel lonely, try some of these ways to overcome it psychology today.

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1. Take a break

(photo: unsplash / saseko)

In difficult times like loneliness, blaming yourself will only make your heart condition worse.

Therefore, avoid saying bad things to yourself or feeling that this loneliness is your fault.

In order not to make things worse, try to take a short break after that to go to some places that have natural beauty. As is known, the beauty of nature can indeed make a person’s heart become calmer.

2. vent

Do not be sad!  These 7 Ways Will Overcome Your Loneliness

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Talking is very powerful, you know, to overcome loneliness. Especially if you talk to someone who is very close to you, such as a boyfriend or friend.

But what if you don’t have a boyfriend or best friend? Don’t worry, you can use social media as a place to vent.

It’s true that on social media you can’t share everything, but at least it can help your heart to be more relieved.

In addition, when you post your story, there will definitely be some people who will see it and you will realize that there will still be people who know that you are lonely even though they don’t give you a message. input whatever.

3. “Leave” smartphone and social media

Do not be sad!  These 7 Ways Will Overcome Your Loneliness

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You must agree that now smartphone and social media cannot be separated from everyday life.

Just a few minutes without using smartphone and social media can make your heart so restless.

Even though if you use it continuously you will lose precious moments directly with the closest people.

Therefore, try to leave these two things and live in “reality”. Meeting people, starting to talk face-to-face and building strong connections with them will go a long way in helping you overcome loneliness.

4. Do activities

Do not be sad!  These 7 Ways Will Overcome Your Loneliness

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Loneliness can come because you don’t have any activities. So try to keep yourself busy and do various activities with other people.

It’s true that you can do your own activities but other people will really help you so that loneliness quickly disappears.

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5. Use social media

Do not be sad!  These 7 Ways Will Overcome Your Loneliness

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It seems that almost most people already have social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

This social media can be used in addition to sharing activities with other users, it can also drive away your loneliness.

You can find various information and entertainment easily on social media. In addition, you will also get to know more people from various parts of the world.

6. Stop negative thoughts

Do not be sad!  These 7 Ways Will Overcome Your Loneliness

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Maybe you’ve heard that negative thoughts will greatly affect your physical and even mental health? It turned out to be true.

Negative thoughts will interfere with the immune system, making you more susceptible to disease. In addition, your mental health will also be disturbed because you keep thinking about something negative.

7. Make a plan to fight loneliness

Do not be sad!  These 7 Ways Will Overcome Your Loneliness

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Try to make various activity plans to keep loneliness away from yourself right now!

Various activities ranging from small things such as writing, cleaning the house you can pour in to do list. To do list This can be daily or weekly, according to your needs.

Do not let loneliness always or dwell in you, because the consequences can be very fatal. Immediately overcome your loneliness by trying some of the ways above.