Jangan Panik, 7 Tips Ini Bisa Mencegah & Mengatasi Rambut Bercabang

Having split ends is annoying. The difficulty of combing until the hair finally breaks is a daily problem that often makes the mood you get down. This also makes it difficult for hair to grow.

For those who haven’t experienced it, you can read several ways to prevent it. For those who have experienced it, there are several ways to overcome it. Check out some of the following.

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1. Know the types and chemicals used

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Some of the chemicals contained in products for hair do cause damage to the hair. This is also the cause of split ends.

Women who often dye their hair are at risk of developing split ends. However, you can prevent this by reading and studying what chemicals are contained in these products.

That way you know what type of chemical is right for your hair type. Then split ends can be avoided.

2. Avoid using excessive hair heaters

Don't panic, these 7 tips can prevent and treat split ends

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Reduce activities that expose hair to direct sunlight. Use a hair heater not too often. As much as possible, dry your hair with a towel

3. Comb the hair in a dry state

Don't panic, these 7 tips can prevent and treat split ends

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Wet hair is a condition where the hair is fragile and easily damaged. This is why it is not good to comb your hair when it is wet as it can cause split ends.

Dry your hair first. Then, you can comb your hair when it is dry slowly and gently. Use a soft-toothed comb that isn’t too tight to avoid pulling and breaking the hair.

4. Provide hair care

Don't panic, these 7 tips can prevent and treat split ends

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Don’t forget to use conditioner to your hair after shampooing. conditioner will provide nutrition to your hair so it is not easily damaged.

You can also use massage oil or massage oil. This method can solve your problem of split ends.

Apply the oil all over your hair and leave it on for 45 minutes. After that, wash it off. Do this regularly.

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5. Routine maintenance hair mask

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hair mask is a treatment for split ends and other hair damage. There are various hair mask products on the market. You can consult with your subscription salon to determine the product that suits your hair type.

If you are a person who is quite intense with coloring, straightening, or curling, it is highly recommended that you do the treatment hair mask.

6. Apply aloe vera slime

Don't panic, these 7 tips can prevent and treat split ends

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Aloe vera gel is very beneficial by applying it to the hair. Then split ends can be removed. All you can do is rub aloe vera until the gel is all over your hair.

You can let it sit for a while and then wash your hair when it’s dry. You can get this aloe vera easily at your nearest supermarket.

7. Eat – nutritious food

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It’s not just your body that needs nutrition, your hair also needs it. There are several foods that can help you deal with your split ends.

You can try some of these healthy food ingredients such as lentils or lentils, spinach, and other vegetables. So, never be lazy again to eat vegetables, if you want to have healthy hair.

Here are some steps to avoid and overcome your split ends. All steps are not too difficult to do.

Any recommended products and ingredients can be easily found in supermarkets or shops your online subscription. To get maximum results, do it regularly at home.