Jangan Anggap Remeh, 6 Kebiasaan Ini Bisa Ganggu Kesehatan Mental Kamu

Who says physical health is more important than mental health? In fact, both physical health and mental health are equally important.

There are various factors that can affect a person’s mental health. If the mental is not maintained properly, then mental disorders can occur.

Maybe you think mental disorders are the result of trauma. Though this mental disorder can occur from a variety of habits that you do.

Reported from Career In Psychology, there are some habits that can interfere with your mental health, what are they?

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1. Perfectionist

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Choosing everything that is best for your life is very important. Especially in reaching your life goals, perfection is really needed.

It’s just that not everything can be demanded to always be perfect. Because if you constantly demand perfection, the longer your mental will be disturbed.

Psychologists say that perfectionism has both positives and negatives. Positive because it can help you to do your best in life, set goals and see failure as a lesson.

While the negative side, you will feel fear, failure and dissatisfaction if you do not achieve that perfection.

2. Wrong sitting position

Alert!  These 6 Habits Can Disrupt Your Mental Health

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Did you know that sitting the wrong way can also interfere with your mental health.

According to research published in Journal of Behavioral Therapy and Experimental PsychiatryA good sitting position will also affect your mood for the better.

Besides being able to improve mood, the correct sitting position can also add positive energy, reduce fatigue and reduce low to moderate depression.

3. Always feel guilty

Alert!  These 6 Habits Can Disrupt Your Mental Health

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Of course, everyone has made mistakes, whether small or big. There are those who quickly forget these mistakes and there are also those who find it difficult to forget them so they continue to feel guilty.

Always feeling guilty will only worsen your mentality, add negative thoughts and you become unfocused in doing a job.

So that work and activities can run more smoothly, try to start reducing the guilt feelings inside you.

Remember, feeling guilty doesn’t solve the problem but only keeps you in a problem that seems like there’s no way out.

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4. Lack of exercise

Alert!  These 6 Habits Can Disrupt Your Mental Health

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Not exercising enough or not exercising at all will only make your mood worse.

Therefore, make it a habit to exercise regularly at least 3 times a week. Do the exercise you like for 30 minutes each time you do exercise.

The mood will be better if you do regular exercise because it can release endorphins and the immune system will also be better.

5. Too much use of social media

Alert!  These 6 Habits Can Disrupt Your Mental Health

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Now it seems almost everyone has social media, yes. So don’t be surprised if almost every few hours, it feels like something is missing if you don’t check your social media.

In addition, people also prefer to communicate via social media because it is more practical than communicating directly.

Even though you also need to communicate directly and reduce the use of social media so that your mental health is maintained properly.

You must know that direct communication is indeed more important, because it will train you how to interact with other people and keep you mentally better.

6. Lack of sleep

Alert!  These 6 Habits Can Disrupt Your Mental Health

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Various unfinished work or continuing to play social media until late at night will greatly interfere with the quality of your sleep.

Sleeping late at night and not getting enough sleep will make mental health disturbed, not easy to focus, mood becomes worse and less enthusiastic.

If you are sleep deprived constantly it will bring up various risks of diseases such as bipolar, depression and various diseases will more easily attack your body.

Of the 6 habits above, which one do you do most often? From now on, let’s take care of your mental health, because a healthy mentality will make your body healthy too.