Jaga Pola Makan Anak, Yuk Buat 6 Snack Sehat Berikut

Child development is one thing that is the center of attention of parents.

In addition to providing vitamins, immunizations and also maintaining their health, the thing that can be done to keep children’s growth and development remains good is to ensure that every food they eat is healthy.

Maybe it will be easy if the child only has a pattern of eating three times a day, but what if the child’s position is when he likes to eat snack.

Of course you can’t give snacks that are careless, parents of course have to pay attention to whether these foods are healthy and fit for consumption.

But don’t worry, here are some alternative healthy snacks that you can give to your kids while they are at home.

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(photo: unsplash/martin)

One of the snack choices that are quite common and safe for consumption is of course fruit.

Did you know, in their growing period, children can consume 1.5 cups of fruit in one day.

What if the child is bored with fruit food, you can give dried fruit as a substitute menu which is also quite safe.

This is because, even though the fruit is dry and looks like it has been preserved, its nutritional content will not change, one of which is the sugar content.

2. Cereals

6 Healthy Snack Options For Kids

(photo: unsplash/samantha)

Did you know that cereal can provide good benefits for body health. For example, to lower cholesterol levels in the blood and to improve the overall health of children.

Even though it’s fairly good, keep being a smart parent, while maintaining caution in serving cereal, so as not to produce a high enough sugar content.

3. Fried sweet potato

6 Healthy Snack Options For Kids

(photo: unsplash/sheri)

Compared to french fries, sweet potato fries prove to be a healthier food choice. Although sweet, fried sweet potato does not have a high sugar content.

For that reason, sweet potatoes that you have fried, can be an alternative healthy snack menu for children. Add tomato sauce, for added flavor.

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4. Peanut butter without sugar

6 Healthy Snack Options For Kids

(photo: unsplash / olia)

In a peanut butter, contained a fiber and protein that is also needed by children. Before you give peanut butter, make sure your child doesn’t have allergies.

And when the child definitely doesn’t have allergies, give peanut butter with white bread as a menu that is suitable for breakfast or snack while they are playing and studying.

5. Cake with addition fruit

6 Healthy Snack Options For Kids

(photo: unsplash/mellisa)

No child would refuse a cake. When kids like cake, you can make it by lowering the sugar content in it cake to be safe for consumption by children.

One way is to put the fruit into the cake dough and or Trefuse. Arrange the fruit beautifully, to attract and arouse the child’s appetite when eating it.

6. Popcorn

6 Healthy Snack Options For Kids

(photo: unsplash/corina)

Popcorn or popcorn looks unhealthy, but it’s full of whole grains and fiber.

And the content of these seeds, has a good influence on reducing attacks of diabetes and heart disease, which can attack or take root from a young age.

As an alternative to butter and salt, you can sprinkle cinnamon or garlic powder on top of the popcorn.

However, when the child turns out to be unappetizing, just mix plain popcorn into a snack filled with fruit and nuts.

So, there’s no need to rush to buy snacks for children from outside the house, just with the ingredients you have at home and a little creative side, you can give children healthy and appetizing snacks.