9 Tips Jalani Hubungan LDR Agar Gak Membosankan

Long distance relationship or LDR is certainly not easy, yes. It takes a strong commitment and sufficient communication for a relationship to last.

This LDR does make couples have to stay in a relationship even though the distance and time stretch. Not infrequently because of this LDR many couples feel bored and decide to end the relationship.

This boredom if left alone will make the relationship tenuous. So how to overcome boredom during LDR? Let’s take a look at some of the following tips quoted from Psychology Today.

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1. Organize the schedule well

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LDR can be in different cities or even different countries. So when communicating there is a significant time difference.

Set a good schedule for calling, just sending a short message or other communication. Of course, to set the schedule there must be approval from both parties, yes.

2. Determine the purpose of your relationship

Here Are 9 Tips To Make LDR Not Boring Again!

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Is your relationship just playing games or do you want to take it to a more serious level? Discuss this with your partner seriously.

If you’re just playing around, you don’t need to waste a lot of time getting into this LDR relationship.

But if you really are committed to going to a more serious level, remember that when you feel bored.

3. Don’t just rely on technology

Here Are 9 Tips To Make LDR Not Boring Again!

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Couples who are in LDR are really helped by the current technology that makes it easier for them to communicate.

You need to remember that besides the technology that can make you miss your longing, try to keep things that remind you of your partner, such as hats or clothes.

So when you and he miss you, you can see these things.

4. Quality communication

Here Are 9 Tips To Make LDR Not Boring Again!

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Don’t just because it’s time to communicate, you force yourself to call, send messages, video calls and so on.

It is better to focus on quality communication than frequent communication but only discuss those things and are considered less important.

Quality communication will strengthen your relationship. On the other hand, forced communication can only make you feel bored.

5. Ask small things

Here Are 9 Tips To Make LDR Not Boring Again!

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Even though you and your partner need to focus on quality communication, that doesn’t mean that if you don’t have things to talk about, you don’t communicate at all.

At least in a day, you need to ask the little things that your partner does, what are their activities today? What does he eat? Did he have any difficulties? And so forth.

Even though it sounds trivial, small things like that will be very useful for bonding your relationship.

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6. Don’t be too restrained

Here Are 9 Tips To Make LDR Not Boring Again!

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Many people, because they are too worried about their partner during LDR, even make various rules that seem to be restrictive.

Of course this is not very good for your relationship. If you were in his position, you were constantly restrained and had to obey the various rules he had made, surely you would feel bored, right?

7. Believe and set free

Here Are 9 Tips To Make LDR Not Boring Again!

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Trust is very important in a relationship, especially during an LDR. Even though there is worry, but try to believe that he will take care of his heart for you.

After that you can give freedom to him. Of course, this will really help your relationship so you don’t get bored.

8. Think positive

Here Are 9 Tips To Make LDR Not Boring Again!

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LDR can make anyone have negative thoughts, for example if your messages or calls are not picked up.

Who knows he’s busy at work so he doesn’t have time to reply or pick up your phone. Try to fill your head with positive thoughts.

9. Don’t take it too seriously

Here Are 9 Tips To Make LDR Not Boring Again!

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Seriousness is very important, but if you are too serious, you and he will also feel very bored.

Give a little humor so that your relationship can bring happiness. Yes, at least you know when to be serious and when to joke.

When you or he feels bored, try some of the ways above that will help your relationship not feel bored anymore. Good luck!