Ini 6 Cara Alami Meningkatkan Produksi ASI untuk Ibu Menyusui

All women who have gone through the process of giving birth and having children, surely crave to have sufficient milk production for their babies.

Because, they believe breast milk has nutrients and is the main source to increase the baby’s immune system, because it contains antibodies. In addition, by giving breast milk, there will be a process of heart bonding between mother and child.

However, not all women have sufficient production for their children, there are mothers who have to face the fact that they cannot produce enough breast milk and are forced to switch to formula milk.

Meanwhile, in fact in the early six months of the baby’s age, their main food is breast milk. And of course, this situation will make mothers worry.

Calm down, no need to worry, what you should be grateful for is that a woman’s body can actually produce breast milk naturally, as long as you know how. And here are some natural steps.

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1. Clean the nipples and do a massage

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Towards the time of birth in the 3rd trimester, start to clean the nipple area which is useful for launching breast milk.

How to clean it is enough to give baby oil before you shower. Give massage while twisting the nipple, especially in the area where the folds of the tip of the nipple.

In addition to cleaning the nipple area, massage the breast as often as possible by adding baby oil. To get maximum results, do this process every few days.

2. Breastfeed every 2-3 hours

6 Natural Ways to Increase Breast Milk Production

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A fact says, newborns need milk intake every 2-3 hours, be it during the day or night.

Meanwhile, the production of breast milk in a woman’s body follows the flow supply and demandwhich means that the body produces the amount of breast milk that the baby needs.

That means, when you regularly breastfeed every 2-3 hours until the baby feels full, your breasts will automatically send a command to the brain to produce as much milk as the baby needs.

So consistency is needed, if you are not consistent and rarely breastfeed, then you unconsciously will reduce milk production. The best solution, spend the milk in one breast, then you move to the other breast area.

3. Pumping breast milk

6 Natural Ways to Increase Breast Milk Production

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Without you knowing it, pumping breast milk is one of the natural ways to increase breast milk. For women who have just become mothers, of course your skills for breastfeeding are not good enough.

Because, the wrong position when you are breastfeeding, can have an effect on the breastfeeding process being ineffective and automatically the milk will not come out smoothly.

Use the pump every time you finish feeding. Do not be influenced by how much milk you can get, because the purpose of pumping is to provide stimulation and stimulation to the breasts.

Another purpose of pumping is to empty the milk that is not used up by the baby, in the hope that milk can be produced again in the breast, as a substitute for the milk that has been removed.

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4. Skin to skin contact

6 Natural Ways to Increase Breast Milk Production

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Letting the baby breastfeed naked, without you knowing it, can increase the bond of direct contact with the baby, especially in the area of ​​​​the skin to the chest area. This can be one way to increase the production of breast milk that comes out.

The reason is that the emotional closeness you have with your baby can command brain function to produce more milk.

In some developed and developing countries, it is already supported by the program movement skin to skin contact in the breastfeeding process as a good way of breastfeeding.

5. Breast Compress

6 Natural Ways to Increase Breast Milk Production

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If your breast area feels firm and your baby is having trouble sucking it, it could mean that your breasts may be tense.

The solution is, compress the breast with a towel that has been soaked in warm water for a few minutes. This can help soften the breasts and milk can come out more smoothly.

6. Consumption of foods that increase breast milk

6 Natural Ways to Increase Breast Milk Production

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There are some who say, when the mother is still in the breastfeeding phase, it is highly recommended to be smart and careful in choosing the food consumed.

Because without you knowing it, there are some foods that can help to multiply and can inhibit breast milk production. Common foods for breastfeeding mothers are papaya, katuk leaves, mouthscarrots, spinach.

In addition to maintaining food, also avoid using supplements or some drugs that are said to increase breast milk.

So, for you young mothers who are worried because their milk production is low, don’t panic, the steps above can be the best solution for all of you.