Ingin Mahir Bahasa Korea? Simak 10 Tips Berikut

Today, Korean is popular among the people. This is in line with our curiosity and interest in culture and all things Korean. In fact, there are not a few course institutions that provide Korean language lessons.

Moreover, Korean is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Korean language is increasingly loved to expand a career, develop a business or even to take education to a higher level.

It is undeniable that Korea is currently one of the most visited countries by tourists.

In fact, many think that learning Korean is the door to learning other languages ​​such as Chinese and Japanese. Because, Korean is almost similar to the two languages.

However, beginners often find it difficult to apply or practice Korean. Starting from writing hangul difficult, deep pronunciation, grammar, to a lot of vocabulary.

To quickly become fluent in Korean, let’s take a look at the following 10 tips. Do not forget to practice, yes.

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1. Often practice to pronounce vocabulary

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Vocabulary is the main key to learning a language. If you already have a lot of vocabulary, in the future you will get used to it and automatically become fluent in pronouncing it.

As a tip, start to learn and even memorize vocabulary that is used every day. Don’t forget, you also need to write it down so that your memory is sharper.

In one week, master at least 10-15 vocabularies. If you are used to it, you can improve it. Don’t forget to repeat and pronounce it, okay?

2. Learn to write hangul

Want to Proficient in Korean?  Check out the following 10 tips

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Like babies, in learning a new language we tend to be clueless, so we have to start from scratch. As a first step, try to recognize and write the letters into hangul.

To make it easy, you can use Youtube as your learning medium. If you want to quickly master Korean, learn it hangul regularly and consistently. Repeat the writing periodically so that you get used to it and your Hangul writing is getting neater.

3. Regularly watch Korean dramas

Want to Proficient in Korean?  Check out the following 10 tips

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Happy are you fans of Korean dramas! Because, your language and vocabulary skills are getting honed. Of course, you will find a lot of vocabulary when watching Korean dramas.

Even while watching, you will get used to hearing and pronouncing Korean, you know! This is because you spontaneously follow the style of language they use.

To make it more fun, don’t forget to write down the vocabulary you just met, okay? After that, try to learn to compose sentences with vocabulary that you have mastered.

4. PD in speaking

Want to Proficient in Korean?  Check out the following 10 tips

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Just imagine, the vocabulary that you have mastered will be in vain if it is not practiced. Therefore, it is important for you to train yourself to get used to speaking Korean.

Understandably, it’s called learning, you don’t need to be afraid of being wrong. To train your confidence, try speaking Korean in front of a mirror. Arrange sentences based on the vocabulary you already have.

Next, you can record your voice to find out which pronunciation needs improvement. If you are already proficient, there’s nothing wrong with communicating using Korean with friends who are already good at it.

5. If you have free time, try taking a course

Want to be proficient in Korean?  Check out the following tips

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Currently, many institutions or communities offer to learn Korean for free.

To hone your skills as well as your language skills, there’s nothing wrong with taking the class, you know. Especially at no cost.

If you take a course, the positive impact will be that you will be guided and taught directly by those who master the field.

This step makes it easier for you to understand Korean. Not only that, your enthusiasm will increase because of high motivation.

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6. Always repeat and practice diligently

Always repeat and practice diligently

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In a day, try to routinely make sentences with vocabulary that you have mastered. Regularly making sentences will help you become proficient in Korean. Indeed, you will feel heavy and complicated because you are not used to it.

Therefore, it is important for you to fight laziness and create high motivation. If you want to be successful, you also need to be firm with yourself.

For example, after practicing and constructing sentences, you must add at least 5-10 new vocabulary words.

Then, the next day you speak and record. The goal is to find out how far you have memorized your vocabulary.

7. Use the app as a learning method

Use the app as a learning method

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There are many applications that you can use to improve your Korean language skills. Some of them are hellotalk, eggbun and duolingo.

With only a cellphone or laptop, you can learn and check your language skills.

So that your concentration is not divided, try to study regularly and slowly. Take, for example, this week you study haul writing, the next week you learn to compose sentences and so on.

If so, it’s guaranteed! freely you will easily understand Korean. Do not forget to practice, yes.

8. Improve your language skills with Follow community

Improve your language skills by joining the community

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There are many benefits if you join the community. In addition to expanding relationships, you will also find it easier to learn Korean.

Similar to taking courses, you will be guided by those who are experienced and master the Korean language first.

Usually, the way of learning offered by the community is quite interesting and fun, you know! So, you don’t feel heavy and bored. Here, you can too share and know a lot about Korean culture.

In fact, some communities are usually managed and taught directly by native Koreans. So, you will exchange ideas and learn from each other’s language and culture. Sure is fun, right?

9. Diligently listen to Korean songs

Diligently listen to Korean songs

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Who says being a K-Pop doesn’t bring benefits? In fact, listening to Korean songs helps you master the language, you know!

Indirectly, you will get new vocabulary and even understand the lyrics. That’s because at least you have learned and memorized Korean vocabulary.

In addition, your concentration will be trained because you carefully listen to the songs.

To make your study fun, start listening to your favorite songs. Because, this helps you in mastering also understanding the vocabulary and the lyrics.

10. If you are already proficient, try translating books or subtitle

If you are already proficient, try translating books or subtitles

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Like learning English. If you want to be proficient, you need to read English novels or watch movies without using subtitle Indonesian.

To test and improve your skills, try reading books or articles in Korean.

You can also open an Indonesian-Korean translation service to deepen your skills.

In addition to making money, this step is an opportunity for a career or education in the Ginseng Country.

Well, those are 10 powerful tips that you can try to speed up learning Korean. After knowing the tips above, don’t forget to put them into practice, OK?