Gugup Saat Interview? Ini Rahasia Ampuh Mengatasinya

When applying for a job, of course, the most awaited and the most heart-pounding thing is the job interview or interview session.

After sending enough application letters to several companies, you are finally called for an interview, I’m really happy!

But for someone who is experienced in work, maybe the interview session can be handled easily. Then what about new graduates who have never had an interview before?

You must feel nervous, tense, nervous and even feel like you can’t sleep all night. But don’t worry, because there are some powerful secrets for overcoming nervousness during an interview, which is quoted from Physiology Today.

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1. Prepare everything thoroughly

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The first way to reduce nervousness during an interview is to prepare everything related to the interview carefully.

Start by finding out everything related to the company you are applying for and what position you have chosen.

In this way, at least you can add insight and can also answer when asked a question.

2. Pay attention to food and drink

Nervous During Interview?  This is a powerful secret to overcome it

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It turns out that the food and drink you consume before the interview also plays a significant role in the smooth running of the interview, you know.

It’s best to avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine consumption, which can cause heartburn, stomach cramps and dizziness. Don’t forget to also not eat too much food because it can make you tired faster.

3. Don’t force yourself to stay calm

Nervous During Interview?  This is a powerful secret to overcome it

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Sometimes nervousness and nervousness will come to you anytime and anywhere, especially during a job interview.

Some people think that forcing themselves to calm down might be better. But actually if you push as hard as you can, you will only look stressed and uneasy.

4. Be ready to face unexpected events

Nervous During Interview?  This is a powerful secret to overcome it

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You can’t control what questions are asked of you during an interview. But you can control yourself.

Take advantage of existing anxiety so that you can be better prepared to deal with it. Practice answering questions as professionally as possible, practice shaking hands and sitting down, don’t forget to also practice sharing your experiences and abilities.

Because the more you prepare for it, it is certain that the interview will run more smoothly and the possibility of being accepted by the company also increases.

If possible, try to practice interviews with other people a few hours in advance.

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5. Reduce anxiety by writing

Nervous During Interview?  This is a powerful secret to overcome it

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Writing can be a powerful way to deal with anxiety. Try to write down whatever you think on a piece of paper.

All the things that make you nervous, write down on the paper. When you’re done, try to read it again and throw it in the trash.

In this way, you indirectly put all your worries on paper and throw them away.

6. Regulate breathing

Nervous During Interview?  This is a powerful secret to overcome it

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When anxious, breathing will become shorter. Try to regulate your breathing as best you can. Take a deep breath and let it out along with your anxiety.

Repeat a few times and you will feel your shoulders relax, the tension in your neck will decrease. You can do this any time if you feel anxious or nervous.

7. Don’t think about failure

Nervous During Interview?  This is a powerful secret to overcome it

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Never think about past failures. But you must focus on your current goal, which is to pass the interview session.

Thinking about failures that have happened will only make you imagine failures and hinder positive thoughts.

Even your behavior has become strange and unsettled. Better try to throw away the failures that have occurred.

Those are some ways you can do to overcome nervousness during an interview. Don’t forget to pray for a smooth interview.