Gaya Hidup Hipster, Berpenampilan Nyentrik dan Berjiwa Seni

You must have heard the term hipster on various occasions. Although the hipster lifestyle is not new anymore, many still don’t know what hipster really means.

What many people see is that his style looks unique, in terms of taste modevehicles, music, travel style, and more.

Hipsters are seen more as people who anti mainstreamor not like most people.

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It has existed since the 1940s and tends to be anti mainstream

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This group does tend to be eccentric and anti mainstream in terms of lifestyle or appearance. The definition tends to be biased and is not easy to mention in one version of the explanation.

Not everyone or the community admits that they live the hipster lifestyle.

Based on the book Hipster Features (2018) written by Jeremy Cassar, their identity is not only seen from the attributes that stand out and are difficult to understand, but also the uniqueness and creativity in various things.

If you look for the origin of the word, hipster comes from hepcat which is a term for white people from the middle class who dress like a black jazz musician.

They began to exist in the United States since the 1940s. Over time, the term hepcat evolved into a hipster that began to be used in the 1990s, but also became a trend again around 2010.

It’s easier to be attracted to works of art that are not popular with the public

Hipster Lifestyle, Quirky Appearance and Artistic Spirit

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Talking about lifestyle, they are closer to the artist’s lifestyle. Because of their unconventional lifestyle or interest in the arts, they are often called weird.

They generally appreciate a work of art, especially if the work is handmade or handmade.

They also like to decorate a room or house with a framed picture, such as a painting or an object that is unusual and rarely found.

It’s still about art, it turns out that the music they enjoy is not popular songs that many people have heard. You could say that the songs that are currently with hits it doesn’t go to the ear.

Songs from indie musicians who have not been covered by a major record label actually made them enthusiastic.

They are even interested in exclusive concerts featuring musicians who are rarely seen on television, but already have fans.

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had become trend creator to travel by fixie bike

Hipster Lifestyle, Quirky Appearance and Artistic Spirit

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What about the way they travel? About this one, they may also look different than the average person.

If people in urban areas like to take private cars so they don’t get hot, they actually prefer to go everywhere in the most practical way.

They tend to prefer public transportation such as trains or buses. Or if the distance is close enough, they prefer bicycles or even walking. Regarding bicycles, it turns out that there is something unique about their daily lives.

In 2010-2011 they became a group trend creator use a fixie bike or permanent teeth which is slimmer than a bicycle in general.

Although actually fixie bikes are not a new idea from bicycle components. Fixie bikes that use door faucet or one-way pedal pedals are the hallmark of this bike without brakes.

Also interested in social activities such as endangered animal protection

Hipster Lifestyle, Quirky Appearance and Artistic Spirit

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From year to year, their identity remains attached to being part of society even though many have changed in terms of appearance.

In the past, it was quite easy to recognize them, for example, men with beards and cycling were synonymous with hipsters. The attributes used are not exactly the same as when they became popular in the 1940s.

To be sure, their lifestyle is not only about themselves, but also related to nature or the environment.

In addition to wanting to be different, generally they also have special attention to environmental and social conditions around them.

They are often seen active in conservation efforts, actions to protect endangered animals, raise funds for social causes, and many other unpublished activities, although they are also active on social media.