Galau Karena Putus Cinta? 6 Cara Ini Bisa Bantu Mengatasinya

Did you know that confusion can be caused by many things? But so far, confused words have always been synonymous with love, such as a breakup for example.

Indeed, not everyone can be strong in dealing with the turmoil caused by a breakup. Not only that, the feeling of confusion that comes can indeed interfere with your activities or mental health.

What’s worse, being upset can lead to depression, you know! Therefore you must know the right ways to overcome the confusion due to this breakup.

Here are 6 ways you can try to overcome the confusion due to a breakup women’s health.

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1. Remembering the reason why the relationship ended

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If you meet him after the breakup and feel guilty or feel like you want to be in a relationship again, you need to remember what caused the relationship to end.

Because not infrequently after breaking up and meeting their ex, many people still have feelings and end up feeling sad because the relationship just ran aground.

Actually thinking too much about a relationship that has run aground is not a good way for you. Because you have to think that he is not the right person for you.

2. Delete all his contacts

Upset Because of a Breakup?  These 6 Ways Can Help Overcome It!

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This second method can indeed be one of the best ways you can get out of confusion.

It’s hard to move on and always thinking about him makes your heart really hurt. Therefore, delete all contacts, including on social media.

It hurts when you try so hard to forget it but when you open social media, you remember it again.

In addition to deleting you can also block or unfollow. But keep in mind, don’t ever feel curious and finally follow him again on social media. It will only make it hard for you to move on!

3. Take care of yourself

Upset Because of a Breakup?  These 6 Ways Can Help Overcome It!

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As explained earlier, being upset can also disrupt your daily activities, including taking care of yourself.

Because you are too upset, your body is not maintained and even becomes less attractive. Try to take care of yourself in a simple way.

Because taking care of yourself is one way you can love yourself.

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4. vent

Upset Because of a Breakup?  These 6 Ways Can Help Overcome It!

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The burden you carry yourself will indeed feel heavy, so try to share that burden with people you trust.

Friends or family will be the right choice for you to share stories. Or if you feel unsatisfied, you can see a psychologist.

After venting, surely you will feel better and ready to live life in the future.

5. Find a new hobby

Upset Because of a Breakup?  These 6 Ways Can Help Overcome It!

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Everyone has their favorite hobby. Or if you want to have a new experience, find a new hobby and do it.

It turns out that doing a hobby when you are upset will really help you reduce that feeling of confusion, you know.

You will get a feeling of relief and pleasure after doing your favorite hobby. If you do it regularly, it is guaranteed that the feeling of confusion will slowly disappear.

6. Open heart

Upset Because of a Breakup?  These 6 Ways Can Help Overcome It!

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Do not expect the return of someone who has left, because it could end in vain.

You better open your heart to someone new in your life. When you open your heart, there will be many stories and new pages that you will start.

Open your heart to the right person and don’t forget to learn from previous experiences.

In addition to the 6 ways above, of course you also need to accept reality and make peace with yourself because being upset will only hinder the positive things you can do. Good luck!