Gak Perlu Bingung, Ini 6 Langkah Mengatasi Anak yang Susah Makan

One of the problems that are often faced by parents who already have children is that children have difficulty eating. In general, children have a tendency to be picky about food and will refuse when their mother cooks food that they don’t like.

Of course this makes moms worry and ask whether the child will get good nutrition and growth, when the child begins to have difficulty eating.

However, mothers do not need to give up, because after all, parents still have to make sure their children get the best nutritional intake. The steps below can help you get your kids to eat.

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1. Make a regular meal schedule

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The ideal time and diet for children is every three to four hours. In addition to eating the main meal, don’t forget to add time for snacks twice, as well as fluid intake in the form of drinking water regularly.

With a regular schedule for this diet, children can get a balanced diet and food, and children are not easily fussy. This is because children do not easily feel hungry.

What if you and your child are traveling? Just prepare foods that are easy to eat such as carrots, yogurt, pastries and don’t forget to always provide water.

This is highly recommended and guaranteed to be healthy compared to buying fast food, which has the potential for children to refuse to eat healthy food.

2. Create a healthy and interesting dinner menu

6 Ways to Get Children to Eat

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Does a healthy dinner always have to be healthy? Of course not always. A healthy dinner is a food menu consisting of a balanced and nutritious menu.

Make an easy dinner menu, such as rice, whole wheat bread, pasta, vegetables and fruits. Also add protein sources such as meat, cheese, and nuts.

3. Create a child’s favorite food menu

6 Ways to Get Children to Eat

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There’s nothing wrong with making different menus for your children and husband, but of course this will be tiring.

But don’t worry, we can still prepare food menus for all family members, even though the menu is the child’s choice.

The method is very simple, combine children’s favorite foods and not favorites, this is at the same time to teach children to want to eat anything that has been prepared.

For example, when children really like peanut butter but don’t like whole wheat bread. Just combine it, whole wheat bread with peanut butter, of course don’t forget to add vegetables and fruits.

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4. Introduce new foods by telling stories

6 Ways to Get Children to Eat

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Because they are not familiar with the taste, children have a tendency to refuse new foods. But, don’t give up yet, you can use this method, namely through the story of a character that children like

For example, when a child likes the avenger character but the child doesn’t like eating carrots. Make a story, the avenger can be strong and fight the enemy, because he is diligent in eating carrots. Well, of course this step slowly makes children think again about refusing to eat carrots.

5. Be an example for children

6 Ways to Get Children to Eat

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example The best for children are their parents, and they are irreplaceable. Likewise with habits in eating patterns.

If you can start to get used to eating regularly, eating a nutritious diet and also eating fruits as a complement, it is highly likely that your child will follow your habits.

Start finding out, what food menu do you like to eat the most and what kind of eating pattern you are comfortable with.

Don’t forget to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full. That’s where the best start, children will do the same.

6. Be creative

6 Ways to Get Children to Eat

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Without realizing it, children can be in control, especially when it comes to eating. But, as parents, you still have to be in control in a way, give them lots of healthy food choices and let them make choices that they like.

Be creative by making creative food menus, for example pizza that contains healthy menu toppings such as carrots, tofu, or avocado. The reason is that the more creative the food menu, the more enthusiastic the child will be to eat it.

These steps do take a lot of patience to do, but it never hurts to try them first before giving up.