Gak Nyangka! Ternyata 3 Hobi Ini Bisa Buat Lebih Bahagia

We all know that sometimes it’s hard to find my timeand spend time enjoying activities alone.

Having a hobby is not just spending the days or enjoying my time but it turns out to have an important function for our mental health.

Hobbies are the best way to spend free time and relax from our daily routine. Research has shown that people who pursue hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, depression, and bad moods.

Therefore, having a hobby is very important for our mental health. Hobbies are activities that will make us “get out”, make us feel happier and more relaxed.

It doesn’t matter if your hobby is creative, academic, athletic or something personal, the important thing is that you find it meaningful and fun.

Make sure you always run your hobby out there. We’ve put together a list of hobbies that are good for your mental health.

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1. Music

(photo: unsplash/jordan)

If you’ve always dreamed of learning to play a musical instrument, then now is the best time.

Playing music is a fantastic way to relieve stress and channel uncomfortable emotions.

Besides, playing in groups like tape or an orchestra is a great way to hone your communication skills while working with other musicians.

Experts say that setting goals (target) can help beat anxiety and depression in the mind.

Try to pursue the hobby of music. Reaching out musically will definitely boost your confidence.

2. Gardening

5 Hobbies for Mental Health

(photo: unsplash/markus)

One of the best hobbies that will help you get in touch with nature is gardening. It doesn’t matter if you choose to grow flowers or vegetables, the important thing is to make sure that the hobby keeps you physically and mentally healthy.

Each fruit and vegetable product has the best nutritional value when ripe. That is why fruits and vegetables are best picked before they are ripe.

Most products have to travel a long way before they reach the supermarket. This is the time when vegetables and fruit are ripe so that when you buy them they are ripe.

The nutritional value comes from the stem of the plant. The value will decrease every day after harvest. Meanwhile, with gardening you will always have fresh fruit and vegetables without the risk of experiencing a decrease in nutrients.

While you can buy organic food off the market, you can never be sure of its quality.

However, when you grow your own garden, you can plan the quality of the soil you will use for gardening.

Gardening is also a good exercise for endurance, flexibility, and strength. This is because you are working with tools like pruning shears, earthen blades, curved knife spades, and even chainsaws.

Keep in mind that some of these tools like chainsaws can be dangerous and if you are a beginner, make sure you study all the different types of tools available.

Look for a power saw of the highest quality as poor quality can end up with constant technical problems.

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3. Write

5 Hobbies for Mental Health

(photo: unsplash/neonbrand)

Writing is one of the simplest hobbies because it only requires you to have a pen, paper, and a laptop. You can always write down how you feel every day, write fiction, poetry, or even novels.

This hobby has many benefits and is surprisingly effective in reducing stress levels, fighting depression and anxiety, improving memory and solving sleep problems.

When you write down your feelings, you can identify negative thoughts and behaviors.

By knowing negative thoughts and behaviors you are increasingly reflecting on your shortcomings and ultimately turning them into positive ones.

Another benefit of writing stories, journals, and blogs is that it keeps your mind away from negative thoughts.

Here are three hobbies you can do, in your spare time, to keep your heart happy. By the way, what is your hobby?